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Town Council ripped over license delay

by Stephen Crane

Eating the occasional slice of humble pie never hurt anybody, and at the Pinedale Town Council meeting on Monday night, resident Paul Rock brought a piece for everybody.

“At the last Town Council meeting, you tabled one of your agenda items,” said Rock during Citizens Concerns. “It was a building permit for a guy who wanted to start a catering business.”

At the Jan. 12 meeting, a representative for Big Rig Catering had approached the council seeking a building permit for interior renovations of the newly acquired business. The permit was not approved, however, due to the fact that those renovations had already begun without having obtained the proper building permit. The council wanted the owner to come before them in person to acknowledge the oversight before a permit would be issued.

Rock then turned that fact into an indictment against the council.

“When did you start construction on the new town shop?” he asked.

According to the Engineering Department Status Report for October, which Rock cited, construction began on Sept. 28.

Rock then produced the building permit that was issued by the county to the town of Pinedale for construction on the new town shop. It was dated Dec. 8, 2008.

“Now if you started construction on Sept. 28, and you didn’t get the building permit until Dec. 8, you’re in violation of a state statute,” continued Rock.

According to statute 18-5-206, construction without a permit can result in a $750 fine for each day. Were the town to be charged for the violation, the amount could exceed $53,000 for the 71 days of construction without a permit.

“Paul, it’s a good point, and it may have been an oversight,” said Mayor Stephen Smith. “I will call Lucky (McMahon) tomorrow at the county attorney’s office and see if there’s any concerns that she has.”

“We’ll take a hit when it’s appropriate, and it’s obviously appropriate if you’ve got the documents to prove that,” said councilman Dave Smith. “We shouldn’t be condemning somebody for doing something that we have done, or that we’re currently doing.”

For Rock, that double standard was problematic.

“At the last council meeting, you thought that catering guy deserved a public heckling,” said Rock.

“And I think we’re going to get a public heckling,” said Dave Smith.

“Well, I just wanted to do my part,” replied Rock.

“Well, that’s a good public heckling,” said Smith.

“Thank you,” said Rock.

“Thank you,” said Smith.


— The annexation of Pinedale Campground was made official with little fanfare during the scheduled public hearing.

“This will be the last inholding within the town limits,” said Mayor Smith. “There will be no county inholdings left.”

— Pat Bozner, owner of the Corral Bar, was given approval for 24-hour liquor sales specific to four different occasions throughout 2009.

The bar will be open extended hours for St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, Mar. 15, for Rendezvous Days on July 12, for Halloween on Friday, Oct. 31, and for New Year’s on Thursday, Dec. 31.

— The WYBAL bond for Trails Creek Subdivision was released in a 3-1 vote, with Dave Smith as the dissenting vote.

Smith still has reservations concerning the workmanship of utility installation in the subdivision.

— Municipal Officer Jennifer Gocke issued 21 citations in the month of December. She continues to hear complaints about the lighting, trash and parking at Ridley’s Market.

— Animal Control Officer Julie Early picked up four dogs in December, with one claimed. Two puppies and one cat were adopted. She received $255 for licenses in December.

— Public Works asked that $40,000, which is in the budget, be approved to purchase a re-supply of chemicals for the wastewater treatment plant.

— The new navigational aid systems at the Ralph Wenz Airport should be completed next month.

The airport is also looking into installing light shields on some of the existing lights to prevent unnecessary glare.

— According to the Engineering Department, the Town Shop is on schedule and under budget. Currently, most of the walls have been erected, and the roof is being constructed.

— Ordinance 442 is being revised to reflect the feedback received by the town and by the town engineer Eugene Ninnie from members of the public.

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