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The bathrooms at Boyd Skinner Park in Pinedale were recently defaced with black spray paint.
Town park vandalized

by Stephen Crane

On the morning of Dec. 20, Deputy Landon Call, of the Sublette County Sheriff’s Department, observed a troubling scene at Boyd Skinner Park in Pinedale.

“Somebody vandalized our community park,” said Call. “And it’s kind of irritating. They spray painted the whole bathroom.”

Armed with black spray paint, someone defaced the entire exterior of the men and women’s bathrooms, spraying various letters, numbers and swastikas onto the stone walls of the structure.

Deputy Call has since investigated the scene, looking for clues that might lead him to the perpetrator.

“We’ve got substantial evidence from the crime scene,” said Call. “And I’m working on it right now. That’s where we’re at.”

Because of the stone texture that comprises the bathrooms at Boyd Skinner Park, removing the spray paint will be an ordeal as well.

“We may have to use a high-pressure washer,” said Ron Hanson, maintenance supervisor at Pinedale’s town shop. “Or they do make a graffiti remover, so we may be able to get it off with that.”

Anyone with information concerning the vandalism is encouraged to make an anonymous call to the Sublette County Sheriff’s Department at 367-4378.

Photo credits:  Stephen Crane

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