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County voters facing important choices

by Jonathan Van Dyke

Sublette County residents will have plenty to vote for on the Nov. 4 general election ballot. Potential voters may still register and vote the day of the election. Sublette County is made up of nine precincts, but only six polling locations:

Pinedale 1-1 will vote in the Wrangler Gym next to Pinedale Elementary.

Pinedale 1-3 will vote in the Wrangler Gym next to Pinedale Elementary.

Boulder 1-4 will vote in the Boulder Community Center.

Big Piney 2-1 will vote in the Big Piney annex gymnasium.

Marbleton 2-2 will vote in the Big Piney annex gymnasium.

North Marbleton 2-4 will vote in the Big Piney annex gymnasium.

Cora 4-1 will vote in a mobile office at the corner of Highway 352 and Sievers Subdivision Road.

Daniel 4-2 will vote in the Old Daniel Schoolhouse.

Bondurant 5-1 will vote in the Bondurant Elementary School.

For questions regarding which district you fall in, or general voting questions, residents are encouraged to contact the county clerk’s office at 367-2123. Otherwise voters can also find their polling location online at Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

This election figures to include several tight races and key issues that could easily be decided by small voting margins.

Early indications point toward a close race between United States Representative candidates Cynthia Lummis (R) and Gary Trauner (D).

Much of Sublette County will have a say in the House District 22 battle between Charles Stough (R) and Jim Roscoe (D), while one county commission seat will go to either incumbent John Linn (R) or Courtney Skinner (D).

Many school board seats are also up for grabs. Voters are asked to choose no more than three candidates for School District #9 from a list of David Burnett, Kurt Meeks and Darcy Turner.

School District #1 features a one-on-one race for each of the three open seats. Greg Anderson and Ken Marincic are vying for the at-large bid. Dr. Thomas Johnston attended the final candidate forum stating his intentions as a write-in candidate against Mark Pape for the Pinedale 2 seat. Jim Malkowski and Maggie Palmer are both running for the Rural 1 seat.

Voters will also have a say “for” or “against” the county lodging tax and the special purpose excise tax (SPET) that would increase the sales tax by one-cent to pay for a Big Piney/Marbleton Recreation Center and the Pinedale Community Center.

Key races on the ballot:

United States Representative

Cynthia Lummis (R)

Gary Trauner (D)

W. David Herbert (L)

House District 22 (northern part of county)

Charles Stough (R)

Jim Roscoe (D)

County Commissioner

John Linn (R)

Courtney Skinner (D)

School District #1

Trustee, At Large, four-year term

Greg Anderson

Ken Marincic

Trustee, Pinedale 2, four-year term

Mark Pape

(note: Thomas Johnston was present at the

candidate forum as a possible write-in candidate)

Trustee, Rural 1, four-year term

Jim Malkowski

Maggie Palmer

School District #9 Trustees, at large, four-year term, choose no more than three

David Burnett

Kurt Meeks

Darcy Turner

FOR or AGAINST the County Lodging Tax

FOR or AGAINST the County Special Purpose Excise Tax (SPET)

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