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Town Council approves permit for Centerpoint

by Stephen Crane

At Monday’s meeting, the Pinedale Town Council and Centerpoint LLC found a solution to the obstacles that have held up the issuance of the building permit that would allow construction to begin on its eastside property.

“Do you have any new plans for the council to take a look at?” asked Mayor Stephen Smith.

He and the council members were then presented with a whole new drawing of the site with a single, two-story building instead of the 24 log cabins originally intended for the property.

Mayor Smith had spoken with developer Jim Engstrom last week and recommended that he bring new drawings to the meeting that would present other options for Haystack and Canal streets.

“To be perfectly frank, when I asked Mr. Engstrom about the possibility of resubmitting drawings, I was hopeful that he would resubmit the same initial plan, which I personally like,” said Mayor Smith, “but with a different option for Canal and Haystack, other than the assumption that the town is going to pave it.”

At the last meeting, the developer brought plans that included asphalted streets, which he thought the town ought to pave. His assumption was incorrect.

“Whether the surface is paved or not, I don’t think makes that much difference in the way the drainage is going to go,” said councilman Dave Hohl. “What’s more important is, do you have the proper sub-grade? Do you have the proper elevation?” “Do you want the town to do all of those road improvements?” asked councilwoman Nylla Kunard.

Most on the council said no. They did not want to be the sole financier of those improvements.

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the town to ask to split those costs of the last proposal,” said councilman Dave Smith.

The council and the developer came to a tenuous agreement, when Hohl made a motion to approve the building permit, contingent upon a cost-sharing contract for a 50-50 split of the road improvements costs, not to exceed $200,000. The streets would be chip sealed rather than paved.

It passed with a 4-1 vote, with Dave Smith voting against the motion.


— Many in the audience intended to discuss the second reading of ordinance 440, which would have required businesses to obtain a license from town hall. The discussion was short-lived, however, after Mayor Smith opened with a brief statement.

“I’ve received quite a few letters and comments from people on the phone regarding sentiment against business licenses,” said Mayor Smith. “I just don’t think the community’s ready for it, and if that’s the case, then I respectfully ask the council to terminate our consideration of ordinance 440.”

Dave Smith made the official motion to abandon the ordinance and Nylla Kunard seconded it.

“There will, however, be no snowball effect,” Mayor Smith added with a smile. “Those of you living in town will still have to pay $12 for your dog license.”

With that, the ordinance was dropped from consideration, and many in the audience left.

— The council agreed to write a letter on behalf of Museum of the Mountain Man declaring its favorable view of the vacation of Halfmoon Street. They were unable to vote without an ordinance.

— Representatives from the Pinedale High School senior class approached the council concerning a fundraising initiative involving a haunted woods in Boyd Skinner Park on Oct. 31. The haunted woods would take place on the paved portion of the exercise path.

The council liked the idea and advised them to speak with the fire department, the sheriff’s office and EMTs to solidify their plans.

$165,000 from the Joint Powers Board to be given to the fire department for a new ladder truck.

— The council voted to approve resolution 2008-11, which will submit a grant application for $2.8 million for Phase IV and V of the Water and Sewer Project.

— A request for 24-hour operation of the construction on Pine Street was approved, which gave a variation to the noise ordinance. It will entail a two-week waiver to complete the construction.

— The council also approved the appointment of Miriam Carlson to fill the vacancy on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

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