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Town Council approves business licenses

by Stephen Crane

The Town Council gave preliminary approval to ordinance 440 on Monday night, requiring all businesses in Pinedale to obtain a business license from Town Hall.

“Pinedale has not had business licenses,” said Mayor Stephen Smith. “And I think it would be a good idea to require businesses to be licensed, not to generate revenue, but rather just so the community knows what businesses we have in town.”

With the assistance of the Chamber of Commerce, the mayor envisions that a local business guide could be compiled, which would help residents stay better informed of local businesses.

Smith’s own experience prompted his support of the ordinance.

“I told my wife I needed to take some of my suits down to Rock Springs to get dry cleaned,” Smith recalled. “And she says, ‘well, why don’t you take it to the dry cleaners (locally)?’ and I said, ‘what dry cleaners (locally)?!’ So I think it’s a good idea to know what’s around.”

The ordinance is expected to take effect on Jan 1, 2009, and the license will be good throughout the calendar year.

The required business licenses’ anticipated cost will be $15. Not wanting to burden any business owners, the cost will remain low.

“Ed (Wood), would you spot 15 bucks to stay in practice?” Smith asked the Town Attorney.

“I’d have to,” Wood joked.

The license requirement would also give the town legal muscle against merchants who peddle their goods illegaly, or as Councilman Dave Smith said, “somebody who comes in and sets up a tent at the end of town.”

To combat this problem, Wood also agreed to draft an itinerant merchant ordinance for the Town Council to review. This type of ordinance would distinguish a regular business owner from a temporary, often transportable, business.

“What (the itinerant merchant ordinance) does is, you don’t just come in and get a $15 permit,” Wood said. “If you don’t have a permanent place of business, then you have to come in and get a permit, which requires showing that you’re registered, you pay your sales taxes, and sometimes you have to post a bond.”

The council was eager to see a draft of such an ordinance.


— The council gave unanimous support to resolution 2008.08, which will include the proposition of a 1 percent specific-purpose sales tax on the ballot for voters to decide in the Nov. 4 general election.

— Marti Seipp was granted a budget adjustment for Sublette County Recycling in the amount of $7,000. Seipp also stated that the recycling center would likely be able to take glass containers within a year. The containers will be crushed in county, and used in local roadways.

— Rock Rabbit owner Dan Abernathy was given permission for a road closure on North Tyler Street, from Pine Street to Magnolia Street, between the hours of 2-9p.m. On Sunday, Aug 31, Rock Rabbit will be hosting a free blues festival for Pinedale.

— $165,000 for the new fire truck will come from the Joint Powers Board, and not directly from the town’s budget.

— The council decided to give residents more time to apply for the vacancy on the Planning and Zoning commission.

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