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Little League organizers step up to the plate

by Jonathan Van Dyke

While not left for dead, the Sublette County Little League has encountered its fair share of problems.

This year, with an increased organizational structure, and a committed group of parents, the league hopes to win back many parents and kids it lost in the past, while expanding playing opportunities, if possible.

“The difference from last year to this year was that there wasn’t really a board in place,” said Andy Currah, player representative for Pinedale. “There wasn’t a designated president and organization.”

Regardless of structure in the past that may have alienated parents and caused friction on the finance end, organizers are excited to move forward and better the league. “There were some problems with the league, and our numbers were going down,” Secretary Tracy Pape said. “Our goal is to get more people into it and build it back up.” The key mantra of this year’s organizers is equality between the three towns participating. Pinedale, Big Piney and LaBarge each have five newly elected board members.

“They’re just trying to implement that if one town gets something, then so do all three towns,” said Darla Nielson, player representative of LaBarge.

The new structure has the stamp of approval from the Sublette County Recreation Board, which has seen the problems of past years unfold, first hand.

“The good news is that we have a bunch of very committed parents in LaBarge, Big Piney and Pinedale to put the Little League back together,” Chairman Dave Bell said. “These people have endured a lot to figure out how to rebuild this thing and they’re doing a heck of a job.”

Now the goal is to get things humming along smoothly while strengthening the numbers of the group.

“We want to advertise and get more people in there,” Pape said.

Sign-up sheets are expected to go out within the next few weeks.

“We really want to build up the older kid programs,” Pape said.

Pape specifically wants to reach out to kids who have turned 13 by May 1 and those older — a group of kids that have no organized baseball currently.

“They’re too young to work and too old to play, so there’s nothing for them to do,” Pape said.

Adding age groups for 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18 is a major goal of this year’s organization.

“They tried to do that a couple years ago, but there were no games to go to,” Pape added.

If at least one team can be formed for each age group, the league hopes to give them some travel opportunities for competition. The league is still in need of volunteers for everything from coaches, concessions stands to umpires. Anyone interested in signing up for volunteer posts or to sign up their child may contact their town’s player representative: Keyth Palmer of Big Piney, 276-5748, Andy Currah of Pinedale, 367-2278, and Darla Nielson of LaBarge 386-2400.

“Everyone is just trying to start fresh this year,” Nielson said.

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