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Council: Are they in or out?

by Jennie Oemig

At Monday’s meeting, Planning and Zoning board member Paul Rock questioned the Town Council on numerous issues during the citizen’s concerns portion of the evening. After seeing an advertisement in the newspaper notifying the community of two vacancies on the Planning and Zoning board, Rock said he and Barbara Boyce had apparently been kicked out of their positions. Mayor Steve Smith told Rock that the town was simply trying to realign and offer the opportunity to be a board member to others, though both Rock and Boyce could reapply.

The council then questioned Planning and Zoning Administrator Meghan Jacquet about the terms of the two board members. No one knew whether or not Rock andBoyce’s terms had expired. “It was never addressed in the minutes,” Jacquet said.

Planning and Zoning board members serve three-year terms and Jacquet informed the council that Boyce had been on the board for over 10 years, while Rock had been a member for about five years. Smith then asked Jacquet whether or not she knew if the positions were in fact vacant. “We’ll have to look at the minutes,” she said.

Many of the council members said they thought Boyce had been reappointed to her position within the past five years, though no one could confirm it for sure. Rock went on to question the new master plan for the town, which will be going up for review and comment.

The steering committee that is working on the master plan met Aug. 9 and Rock said he was not informed of that meeting or the recruitment of members to serve on the committee. “Were any Planning and Zoning members invited to be on the steering committee?” Rock asked.

Smith told Rock that he and other Planning and Zoning members had as much a chance as anyone else in town to join the committee.

An advertisement was run in the newspaper to inform the town that a steering committee was being formed and anyone could apply.

Rock also asked the council about a new position the town will create, which he saw an ad in the paper for.

The Town of Pinedale will be hiring a municipal officer whose main job will be the enforcement of town ordinances, though it may consist of other duties as well. “His role is not completely defined yet,” Smith said after Rock asked him if the municipal officer would also be a building inspector. Town Engineer Eugene Ninnie said that once the position is filled, it might be redefined to include numerous other responsibilities. “That position will probably expand …,” he said.

Rock then stated that the Planning and Zoning board received no knowledge of this position being created and therefore was not able to give its input. He said they should have been informed out of general courtesy since the duties of the individual may involve zoning issues.

After listening to Rock’s concerns about those three issues, Smith asked him if he had any other concerns he would like to address. “No,” Rock said. “I see which way the wind’s blowing, so that’ll do it.” • The council unanimously approved the transfer of a restaurant liquor license from Patio Grill, Inc. to Liles Inc. • The council approved the height variance request for the Union Telephone Company to mount antennas on the roof of Stockman’s Restaurant and Lounge.

Jacquet said she would have liked to obtain more information about the location and the reception that cellular subscribers would receive if the antennas were placed on that building.

Ninnie said he would also like to get more technical information in regard to the coverage area before the antennas were mounted. Council member Nylla Kunard remembered an ordinance that was passed regarding requests of this kind.

“A year ago, we passed an ordinance or changed it so we wouldn’t have these applications go on and on,” she said. Council member Dave Hohl asked about the location of the antennas and what the phone company’s intentions are.

“They’re going to remove the antenna [that’s currently there] and put up a new one a little farther to the north,” Jacquet said. Having no further comments about the issue, the council went on to vote. The motion was passed, with Hohl abstaining from voting.

• The council unanimously approved anapplication for a 24-hour catering and malt beverage permit for the Catholic Work Youth Days. The event will be held Sept. 8 at Stockman’s.

• Buzz and Jeanene Esterholt asked the council to allow Buzz to legally drive his golf cart in town since he does not have a valid driver’s license and needs to get around.

Smith said according to a state statute, the use of such vehicles is allowed under certain circumstances.

Council member Gary Heuck insisted the Esterholts have liability coverage on the golf cart in case Buzz were to get into an accident while operating the vehicle.

The state statute Smith referred to will change Jan. 1. Golf carts will then be considered motorized vehicles and those who drive them will need to have a valid operators license, Smith said.

The council unanimously approved the Esterholts’ request, contingent on proof of insurance and following other requirements set forth regarding areas of travel. The Town Council’s next meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 28 at the Town Hall.

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