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State rep talks about dropping wife's charge

by Jennie Oemig

Rep. Monte Olsen, R-Daniel, in defense of his wife, Dr. Lisa Glenn, asked the state to dismiss a reckless endangerment charge against her.

The charge stemmed from an April 28 incident in which Glenn ran over Olsen with her vehicle.

“[Olsen] claims it was a total accident,” said Investigator/Trial Facilitator Randall Hanson of the Sublette County Attorney’s Office.

According to court documents, Glenn was charged with reckless endangering on April 30.

On May 4, Glenn, who could have faced up to a year in jail if convicted, entered a written not guilty plea to the misdemeanor charge.

Though he said he wasn’t sure what took so long to get the charges dismissed, Olsen said the state took its time and put a lot of thought into the case.

“There had to be good deliberation on behalf of the state of Wyoming,” he said. In addition to the deliberation, Olsen said he suspects the attorneys didn’t want him to rush into anything too quickly.

“They wanted to give me time to think,” he said, adding that it was probably a wise decision. During the April 28 incident, Olsen sustained severe injuries to his upper body and face and had to be flown to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The legal process began soon after Olsen was released from the hospital, Hanson said. On May 18, a meeting was held between Olsen, Hanson and Chief Deputy Sublette County and Prosecuting Attorney Meredith Oakes Peterson.

“When I returned from Idaho … I met with them, which I needed to do,” Olsen said, adding that it was important for them to hear his side of the story. After discussing the issue with the attorneys, Olsen said he decided he didn’t want to press charges against his wife. “I told them I would like to see the charges dismissed,” he said.

The only options Olsen had were to dismiss the charges or seek restitution for medical bills or out-of-pocket expenses from the defendant.

“The only way he can get restitution is if she’s a convicted felon and with the charges dismissed, that’s pretty much impossible,” Hanson said.

During the May 18 meeting, Hanson said Olsen agreed to come to the stand and testify against the defendant if he were subpoenaed, but would testify as a hostile witness. In court documents, it was stated that at that same meeting, Olsen acknowledged that if he were to testify, he would “describe the events of April 28, 2007, in a manner favorable to the Defendant.”

In a July 3 letter to the plaintiff, Peterson explained the belief that Glenn had committed a crime and told Olsen that the County Attorney’s Office was ready to prosecute. Peterson also asked that Olsen put his opinions expressed during the May 18 meeting in writing in order for the case to be re-evaluated. “I would ask that you please express your wishes regarding this prosecution to this office, in writing,” Peterson stated in the letter. The fact that the attorney’s office asked him to submit his request to have charges dismissed in this manner may have also lengthened the process, Olsen said. “We did this in writing, so that took time,” Olsen said.

In his written request dated July 5, Olsen stated that he never desired to seek restitution from Glenn and asked that the charges be dismissed. Olsen also stated that both he and Glenn had to face the consequences of what happened.

“For my part the serious injuries and expenses are my consequence,” he wrote. “Lisa’s consequence is the knowledge that she did injure me and she must live with this for the rest of her life.”

As far as Olsen’s current physical condition is concerned, the recuperating process continues. During the accident, he said the right side of his face was crushed, he suffered 10 broken ribs, four of which had multiple fractures, sustained a collapsed lung and several broken fingers, as well as numerous scrapes and bruises.

“It’s a slow process,” he said. “It’s going to take a while to fully heal.” Due to the severity of his injuries, Olsen said his recuperation may take a while. “I still don’t have a lot of feeling in my face due to all the nerve damage,” he said. One thing Olsen said he is thankful for is everyone’s thoughtfulness during this whole ordeal.

“I do appreciate people asking how I’m doing, but I’m not the only one who’s healing …,” he said, making mention of the many people who are suffering from cancer and other diseases and illnesses. “So when I’m asked how I’m doing, I think of everybody.” Glenn could not be reached for comment.

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