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All you ever wanted to know about your barista…Molly Fredyma

by Julia Stuble

“She makes the best coffee in Sublette County,” was a customer’s parting shot as she left Rock Rabbit, smiling. She had been speaking of barista Molly Fredyma, who had nabbed a few moments from her busy job at Rock Rabbit to sit down with the Roundup to discuss coffee, customers, Rock Rabbit and the Appalachian Trail. She had to jump up and down several times to scoop out brightly-colored ice creams or steam milk as customers tramped in from the cold. Still, the paper managed to get a few answers out of her.

What brought you to Sublette County?

The Great Outdoor Shop. I had hiked the Appalachian Trail and left everything packed up my home, everything, and when I finished I had no money, no place to live and no job. I looked on a website for jobs and found the town of Pinedale with Rex and Linda offering a job and free housing.

How long did you work there?

About a year.

Where did you come from?

I grew up in New Hampshire, and went to the New Hampshire Technical Institute where I got my degree in travel and tourism . A cruise was part of the curriculum. I ran a coffee shop while I was in school. I knew I wanted to be in hospitality somehow …working with people. It’s a lot of fun. There’s no math either.

How did you hook up with Rock Rabbit?

I met Dan, it’s a small town, and he said he was thinking of opening a coffee shop. I told him I ran one for four years, gave him some advice and tips, and started working here a little bit. Then I decided I didn’t want both jobs and came here full time.

How do you like slinging coffee here?

I love my job, it’s fun and relaxing. I get to listen to the music I want. Dan and I kind of dispute that…we compete over what music we listen to. Also, the majority of people in town come in, and that’s fun.

What music do you compete over?

I think I listen to a little more, uh, current music, compared to Dan.

What does he put on that drives you crazy?

Spanish guitar. I banned that from the shop, and he banned “G-love and the Special Sauce” (I spent some time living in New Orleans). I like more current jazzy stuff, like Galactic, which is a cross between funk and jazz. He’s more into the authentic hippie music, and I like it, but like other stuff too. He’s Grateful Dead, I’m Phish. You see the generation gap.

Do you know your regulars by drink or name?

I know most people by name because of the club cards, but I also see people and I know what they’re going to drink before I remember their name. I look forward to my regulars. They’re really enjoyable, nice people.

Do you ever have the urge to dump coffee on somebody?

(Smiling sweetly) No, everyone has a bad day.

Have you ever spilled coffee on someone?

Just myself and Dan.

Did you spill on Dan on purpose?

(Laughing) No.

What do you do when someone comes in asking for “A double tall sugar free mocha frap-a-crapuccino?

I’d say this isn’t a Starbucks. But, I’ll make one that tastes even better. You can accommodate what they want. I can make any drink anyone wants.

What gets you up in the morning for the early shift?

Knowing I can come in, unlock the door, and make my drink. It varies everyday …some days it is coffee, some days a vanilla latte, some days it’s a Coke.

How much coffee do you drink a day, and what’s your favorite?

A breve. I drink probably like three cups of coffee, at the most. But it varies.

Do you sell more ice cream or coffee?

Coffee in the winter, ice cream in the summer.

What are your tips like? Do guys tip better?

I’ve received anything from a few dollars to a T-bone steak to turkeys, from women and men.

Do you really use the tip money for margaritas?

Just some of it.

Where do you go for margaritas?

I make them at home, but I don’t have a blender. I don’t spend it all on margaritas, though. Gosh, I buy things I don’t want to account for paying for. It’s my secret money.

What’s Dan like to work with?

Dan is a lot more relaxed than I am. Dan is very laid-back and relaxed. It is how it is. It’s great; I love working with him.

Are you becoming more relaxed because of him?

No, no, I don’t think so. I’m generally a little more stressed and like organization.

Will the Rabbit be seeing any changes?

There will be some things that are going to happen for the New Year. We’re going to make our dining area into a gallery. It will be a lot more comfy to sit in and not so cluttered. There’s a hint of cabinetry coming in for the kitchen, custom from the Callaghan. You can still sit here, but art will be displayed on the walls. We’re putting in track lighting. We’re getting rid of the couch.

Do you both choose the clothes and merchandise?

We consult each other. On all final decisions.

Name one of the best books you’ve read.

I loved The Beach, the book, but the movie ruined it. Books are always better.

What album could you not live without ?

Gosh, I don’t know. An album… There are a lot of good ones. Probably the soundtrack to Blow.

Describe your ideal day in Sublette County.

Getting up real early, going out on the boat, trying to catch some fish. Eating sunflower seeds, letting Jaydon catch a fish and grilling it that night. That’s my ideal summer day. Or camping…no, no, wait: getting up, taking a boat to Green River Lakes, catching fish and we’ve got this secret place we camp at…two moose come through every night at dusk. Just sitting there by the fire with friends.

What would you change about Sublette County?

I would bring in a bakery.

Would you consider starting your own?

I don’t think I have the means to start my own bakery, but it’s a good idea. I’m content with the lack of responsibility I have now.

Tell me about the Appalachian Trail.

It was always a dream. I grew up hiking in the White Mountains. When I was 12 I met some AT (Appalachian Trail) hikers. In 2004, I decided instead of thinking about it I just needed to do it. I spent two months collecting food: granola and noodles and Snickers bars (which I’ll never eat again). Then I got on a bus to Atlanta and hitched a ride to Amicola State Park, where it starts. And I started my hike. I did it alone and met some of the most amazing people… some I’ve met again on the Continental Divide Trail. I broke my foot in the Smoky Mountains and had to walk it off. I canoed the Shenandoah River…some people I met and I borrowed a canoe and went 100 miles heading north. I started at the end of March and finished in the end of September.

And you did it alone?

I met people, and there’s places to camp along the trail where you see different people all the time. Two million people use it, 2000 hike it. So you run into people. I would hike with people for a couple of days, then part ways. It was amazing.

Will you do another monster epic hike?

I’ve proven to myself that I can do it. I enjoy my smaller hiking trips. I still like the overnight thing, but not the “monster epic” . I don’t need to spend seven months on the trail again. You grow a smell.

Where will you be in ten years? Do you want to stay in the West, or does the East call to you?

Jeff, Jaydon and I are building a house here, and so I don’t know. We’ll probably be here.

And you’re happy being here?

It’s gorgeous. And I have a lot of mountains to explore, and good friends!

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