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No more semis in Marbleton residential areas
Ordinance about parking, dumping to be enforced
by Julia Stuble

Joining their neighbor to the south, Big Piney, the Marbleton Town Council listened to concerns from citizens about semi parking in town. The Big Piney Town Council addressed this issue last week.

A concerned homeowner stepped before the Council on Monday night to describe the parking situation outside his home. According to this man and his neighbors, up to six semis have parked outside their homes, causing safety issues when people are trying to back out of their driveways. Noise complaints from the running engines in the late night and early morning are also an issue, as well as dumping.

“The other night, one opened its tank and was emptying water onto the street. Who knows where they got it – out of the river or a production tank. It’s probably fresh water, but some of those production tank are pretty gassy smelling,” the concerned citizen said. He had called an officer from the Sheriff’s department, who was unsure of his authority in such a situation.

The citizens had brought in ordinances that discussed truck parking in residential areas, and asked if they covered this issue, and if so, that they be enforced.

Mayor Jim Robinson told the citizens “We can address tankers parking there, because that is a violation.”

Councilwoman Sue Hoefer noted that the Sheriff’s Department can “issue warnings, then tickets.”

A representative from the Department concurred, noting that they would address the situation.

A regulation about dumping on the streets will also be enforced.

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