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Cloud Holds Public Clean Air Forum

by Tiffany Turner

In a public forumsponsored by a new local citizens’ group CLOUD (Citizens Learning Ozone’s Unhealthy Destruction), nearly 125 residents, industry leaders and government officials listened intently Tuesday night to several speakers discuss their findings of the effects of industry, with their expertise based mostly in the Colorado area, on air and water qualities.

Dr. Theo Colborn, whose awards and expertise are world renowned, presented her “Drilling 101” and showed slides of different drilling locations in her base area of Colorado, and then discussed the chemicals found in solutions used for frac’ing and other processes by the oil and gas industry.

“We think we need disclosure... Somehow we need accountability,” Colborn said. “This proved to us that we don’t drill with just guar gum and soap.”

Colborn’s presentation showed the different health risks associated with each individual chemical found in pits and different solutions in Colorado and Wyoming Thus far, Colborn’s group has found 86 products with 86 chemicals in their research of Wyoming gas production.

Also speaking at the meeting was Jeremy Nichols with the Rocky Mountain Clean Air Action. Nichols spoke on safeguarding the community from the air pollution we now see with increased ozone and haze in the area.

“What you have in this area ... is unprecedented,” Nichols said.

Nichols discussed the various levels of toxins being released into the air and compared what is happening with the industry here with the gases and chemicals found worldwide at other large industrial sites to show just how high the emissions here are. Nichols also discussed the different ways a community can come together, as well as the industry, to help decrease the effects of the emissions on humans and wildlife.

“We may not get another chance with air quality and health,” Nichols added.

Others to speak included Jill Morrison, Powder River Resource Council, who spoke about community involvement and making changes that will actually be beneficial and lasting, and Attorney Mark Sullivan, who spoke of U.S. and Wyoming environmental laws.

“(The speakers) have generously come to Pinedale on their own time, and indeed their own nickel to share their expertise,” said moderator Mary Lynn Worl in appreciation of the panel. Worl also thanked everyone who put in time and effort to create the group and organize the different events taking place.

“Compared to them, I am just a little CLOUD,” she said.

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