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Kunard, Smith Win Council Seats
Town votes in favor of expanding park
by Trey Wilkinson And Tiffany Turner

Pinedale’s municipal elections finished up at 7 p.m. Tuesday with 231 voters making their way to the polls to vote for two open council seats as well as a resolution regarding the purchase of property to be added to Boyd Skinner Park.

“It was a good turnout,”

Pinedale Mayor Steve Smith said. “We had approximately 400 voters at our last election, but I’m glad so many people turned out to vote this year considering it is an off-year election. Ten years ago only 40 people turned out. This tells us that people are paying attention.”

There were six individuals vying for the two four-year terms, and Nylla Kunard and Dave Smith were elected to the council with Kunard receiving 103 votes and Smith receiving 93 votes. Other candidates for the positions included past board member Gary Hueck (82 votes), Janet Bellis (67 votes), Delores Christensen (55 votes) and John Fogerty (42 votes).

“I was very, very pleased of course,” Kunard said of her reelection to the council. “I didn’t expect that much (votes), but it was very nice.” “I have the time and I think I can do a good job, so it’s going good,” she added.

Smith was unavailable for comment at press time.

“As mayor I’m happy for Nylla and Dave,” Smith said. “My number one position is to work with whoever the voters put on the town council. I look forward to working with them.”

Voters were also able to vote on a non-binding resolution concerning the purchase of property to be added to the current town park. At the last town council meeting, members voted to offer the owner of the property, who is currently considering both the offer and development on the land, $1.7 million.

Hueck,insisted at the time that, although the board had already motioned the offer and it had been approved, he would still like to see the question posed to all voters, as the past survey that came back in support of the purchase, he said, only made it to individuals in the town responsible for the water and sewer bills, and not all individuals with an opinion.

The result of the non-bindng resolutionw as another resounding yes towards purchasing the park with 167 voters in favor of expanding the park and 63 opposed.

“Frankly this is a great and rare opportunity to purchase this land,” Smith said. “I couldn’t be more delighted the vote was to buy it. It’s a great compliment to the voters. This park will be a great asset for the town for years to come. I’m glad the voters realized that.”

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