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Commissioners reaffirm county attorney’s appointment

by Tiffany Turner

After former deputy county attorney Michael Crosson filed a complaint concerning the process in which Lucky McMahon was appointed county attorney, the Sublette County Commissioners held an executive session early Tuesday morning during their regular meeting to discuss the complaint and McMahon’s July 17 appointment with their lawyer, Dale Evans. Upon returning to open session, Commission Chairman Bill Cramer announced after speaking with their attorney, commissioners would reaffirm the appointment was proper, despite the objection.

“Even though we believe we would prevail in court regarding whether the selection was proper, in an abundance of caution, we are affirming the selection we made on July 17, 2008, by announcing what the vote was at the July 17, 2008, meeting,” Cramer said.

Joel Bousman announced his vote first. “At that meeting, Mr. Chairman, I supported Lucky,” he said.

Commissioner John Linn said he voted for Michael Crosson. Cramer stated his support of McMahon.

With the vote affirmed as two to one, McMahon remains county attorney and the objection did not lead to a re-swearing in as those filing the objection had expected.

In other county news:

• Treatment Court Director Kathy Anderson presented the commission with a copy and summary of the Treatment Court evaluation. The evaluation was an attempt to follow state guidelines with the program, even though it is not state-supported. The report stated the court is in compliance with state statutes and guidelines.

• Attorney John McKinley advised the commission not to sign a contract with PGS Onshore, who had sent representatives to meet with the commissioners about possible seismic activity in search of oil and gas in property surrounding and including Pinedale’s golf course.

“Not on a bet,” McKinley said of signing the contract. “Their agreement says they can do whatever they want at their discretion.”

McKinley explained how the procedures as well as the machinery weight might affect the golf course and the commission agreed.

“My opinion is it’s completely unacceptable and the commission not sign it,” McKinley added.

Linn added in order for the project to take place, a lot of people would have to sign off on it and he did not want to be the first to allow it and then have others opposed, putting the county in an awkward position. Linn said he was most worried about the residential areas surrounding the proposed seismic venture.

“I think it kind of needs to play out before we okay it,” he said.

Cramer asked McKinley to draft a letter stating their concerns with the golf course and issues with the wide permission the current document would give PGS Onshore.

• Brad Water and Andy O’Neal presented a draft application and agreement for the county to use for hiring project managers for future projects. The county recently decided a project manager representing the county’s interest on projects undertaken could possibly help with the confusion and timing issues on past and current projects.

• O’Neal also presented to the board Marbleton Sheriff’s Office’s request to renovate its building. The commissioners explained to O’Neal they would like to speak with a representative from the Sheriff’s Office before they moved forward or considered the renovation request.

“You carrying the ball for them is fine,” Linn said. “But I think the Sheriff’s Office needs to come justify this.”

• Pinedale Library contractors gave a progress report stating the library addition is going well and the unit is now enclosed and dried in.

• Representatives of the Marbleton Airport Board met with the commissioners, concerned that the new hangar in Marbleton is not finished although they are past the quoted finish date and they cannot sign their FBO until it is operational. The holdup has been the water tanks to supply the capacity needed for the building to have a sprinkler system. The unit is now not being installed until January. The commission asked the board and contractors to work together and ensure the January date is firm and see if there is a cost-effective temporary solution to get the hangar up and running sooner.

• Laurie Latta, who recently attended the Rocky Mountain Power meeting for Wyoming, spoke about topics brought up there including RMP’s looking into possible wind energy for the future and natural gaspowered plants.

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