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Sublette’s Summer Tourism Still Strong

by Tiffany Turner

Diane Shober, Wyoming Travel and Tourism director, made a quick pit stop in Pinedale on Friday to meet with Sublette County residents and business owners to discuss the upcoming tourist season.

Shober, who was touring this end of the state, spoke with people on what is expected for this season locally and regionally. “One of the things I think is really on people’s minds is what is going to happen this summer,” Shober said. “I wish I had a crystal ball.”

According to Shober, many factors contribute to worries for the summer season, most stemming from the rising price of gas.

“The good news is people’s elasticity in traveling is pretty expandable,” Shober said.

Numbers are promising, she said,with people interested in visiting Wyoming and bookings being made. “If we can stay focused on what we’re here to do – which is market a state or area – we can still have a profitable season,” she added. “I want you all to just keep up the good work.”

Projects currently in the works at the state level include updating Web site information and links in different regions, airing commercials nationally and internationally, mapping the different areas of Wyoming for a pamphlet and later online and creating a master plan for Wyoming’s tourism.

The master plan, according to Shober, won’t be anything big, just a plan for the future.

“Just an opportunity, something that says ‘here’s where we are today, here’s our inventory’... if we want to keep our way of life, what do we need to do for the next 10 to 15 years,” Shober said. “ It will be an open process as we move along.”

Sublette County Chamber Director Terrie Swift, who attended the luncheon, found the informal talk very important to this county and what locals are trying to accomplish. “I think it is important that we have input from the state level in terms of tourism,” Swift said. “All too often it is easy for us to get too wrapped up in our little worlds so hearing what is happening on a state level and what national trends should be affecting us and which ones shouldn’t is helpful to anyone in the travel and tourism industry.”

Sublette County has some important tourism events planned for this summer and further into the future, as well, she added.

“The Chamber and the Sublette County Visitor Center plans to continue to offer an unforgettable Visitor Center experience,” she said. “Our top priority is to offer our assistance with any traveler’s inquiries.

“We want them to feel that their experience here was both personal and unforgettable. We want them to take in the sites that Sublette County has to offer, visit the museums and stick around a night or two all the while, utilizing the Visitor Center as their main resource. We want them to take a way an unforgettable experience and to have a clear idea of Sublette County’s history and sense of place.”

Making Sublette County a tourist hotspot is not all in the hands of the tourism boards and visitors’ center; we as a community can pitch in as well, she said.

“Every single business in Sublette County can eventually give some of the credit for their success to the tourism industry and it is important that we make sure that tourism here in Sublette County stays on track, that Sublette County is promoted and that the tourism industry remains a priority,” Swift said.

Shober agreed.

One of the main reasons peoplestill come to Wyoming is the way of life that still emanates from the area; it is one of Sublette County’s biggest draws (right up there with the mountains, lakes, wildlife and other natural wonders).

“It’s good for the soul,” Shober said of the area. “It’s like going back in time with people who really enjoy life.”

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