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Seven cattle found dead in Jonah Gas Field

by Trey Wilkinson

Seven cattle were found dead near the Bridger Compressor Station in the Jonah Gas Field the morning of May 2, and water the cattle drank coming from a catch basin that contained hydrocarbons is a possible cause.

According to Rey Adame, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public affairs officer, Teppco closed down a portion of the Bridger Compressor Station for scheduled maintenance. A catch basin was set up to hold any spilled fluids that were released while the equipment was being serviced. Catch basins are routinely used around industrial equipment to prevent residual industrial fluids from spilling on public or private lands. The operators resumed operations at the station but failed to secure the catch basin before they left the area.

“It is believed that these cattle got in and drank water from the catch basin, which contained hydrocarbons (condensate),” Adame said.

According to Adame, the incident took place on May 1 and the BLM was contacted the early morning of May 2. The BLM, the operator and a representative for the ranch (Rendezvous Ranch) that owned the cattle visited the site to gather facts and determine what happened on May 2.

“Teppco has assumed liability and is working with Rendezvous Ranch to discuss compensation,” Adame said.

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