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County looks at carcass concerns

by Trey Wilkinson

Sublette County resident Josh Adams brought carcass and trash concerns before the commissioners on Tuesday.

Adams, who lives near the Transfer Station, explained to the commissioners that carcasses are winding up on the side of the Transfer Station road because the contractor, Eiden Construction, will no long accept carcasses at the Transfer Station.

“This last fall there were four to five carcasses alone on the dump road every day,” Adams said. “They showed up around hunting season; some of them were skinned others were not. I talked with Butch (Penton) and he said it isn’t his job to clean them up.”

Commissioner Chair Bill Cramer said the commissioners had talked with the highway department in the past and they were going to take the carcasses to the landfill. Since then, things have changed.

“If Eiden doesn’t want to take them, he doesn’t have to,” Cramer said. “It’s a county road, so it’s our responsibility to make sure it’s clean.”

Commissioner John Linn said carcasses were going into the bailer and that wasn’t something the landfill operators wanted.

“We’ve worked in coordination with the highway department to control predators, ravens and keep the highways cleaned up,” Linn said.

Adams also mentioned Eiden’s trucks losing trash on their way to the landfill.

Cramer said the commissioners could talk with Eiden about that problem.

“Garbage is piling up all over the county,” Linn said. “It’s a travesty what is happening.”

In other county action:

• Linda Baker with the Upper Green River Coalition presented a slide show to the commissioners concerning the Bureau of Land Management’s Resource Management Plan (RMP).

Baker said she wasn’t against natural resource development, however, she wanted it done right. Her intentions were to make the commissioners aware of all the maps and to address wildlife habitats, development and migration corridors.

“I’m here to show you how much wildlife would be impacted,” she said. “There are 70 percent of the lands available for leasing.”

Commissioner Joel Bousman said he had a couple of significant issues with the RMP, including reclamation and mitigation.

• Debby Wood, Ken Konicek and Pat Quealy from the Sublette Center addressed the commissioners Tuesday looking for help with the kitchen facility at the Sublette Center, located north of Rendezvous Pointe.

According to Wood, as of March 20, the state removed inspection throughout the construction process.

Wood informed the commissioners that construction plans were sent to the state in April of 2006 and approval of the plans were granted on March 17.

“Just three days after the letter of approval, regulations came out stating it is the owner’s responsibility to hire an inspector,” Wood said. “I feel this regulation is targeted at us.”

Wood said her intention is to ask for county collaboration.

“We’ve never had an inspector in the county and we don’t anticipate one,” Linn said.

“I’m hoping we can contact Teton or Sweetwater inspectors to see if they could come look at our facility since I have been unable to find any ICC certified people in the Sublette County area,” she said.

The commissioners encouraged Wood to contact the inspectors and told her to keep them updated.

According to Linn, the Sublette Center project began last winter.

• Robin Clover with Sexual Assault Family Violence Task Force (SAFV) brought some good news to the commissioners on plans for a new building project.

Clover informed the commissioners that after further research the property in which new buildings will stand does not have to be rezoned because it is already zoned commercial.

Clover has contacted the Wyoming Business Council giving them different options for the building project.

Clover did say she was having a difficult time finding modular companies that will build to the International Building Code.

“I’ve made calls nationwide,” she said.

Cramer suggested getting started on the project and Linn said the plat situation needs to be taken care of.

Clover asked if she should start the procurement process for the building.

Cramer said yes and the other commissioners agreed.

• Pinedale resident Wendy Schwartz read a letter to the commissioners she wrote in regards to recycling.

Schwartz said it was good to see the work that has been done at the recycling center in recent weeks.

“It’s nice to see the mess cleaned up,” she said. “It’s also nice to see the members of the community helping out.”

Cramer commended Shwartz on her efforts in helping with the recycling problem saying, “I think you’ve done a valuable job.”

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