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Volume 7, Number 5 - April 26, 2007
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Red Cross needed in Sublette County

by Trey Wilkinson

With the recent damage to a couple of Pinedale residences due to fires, talk of initiating an American Red Cross Disaster Action Team (DAT) in Sublette County has commenced.

Pinedale resident Maureen Hutchinson brought her ideas to the table at Monday evening’s town council meeting looking for feedback and support from the town in reference to a DAT.

“I’m here because of the recent fires and to invite the town to consider Red Cross opening a chapter disaster action team,” Hutchinson said at the meeting.

According to Hutchinson, the team would consist of trained volunteers who respond to disasters 24/7 working hand-in-hand with law enforcement and the fire department.

“We’d help out in the immediate short-term with necessities such as clothing, lodging and food,” she said.

Hutchinson has experience with such relief efforts, having worked with a similar team in Laramie for approximately five years. Through that experience she is both state and nationally qualified.

“Because of my Laramie experience and the life lasting benefits, I’m offering to bring my expertise and experience to Pinedale,” she said. “We all have ached for those who have experienced these disasters. This is a way to bring support to the community.”

Mayor Steve Smith said he felt it was a “very worthy cause.”

Councilman David Hohl questioned where funding would come from to support the organization.

Hutchinson mentioned fundraisers and contributions as partial funding options, but also said CEO for the Red Cross of Wyoming Center Dave Balock would be the qualified person to ask.

“Dave is going to make a trip out here in the latter part of May,” Hutchinson said.

Hohl then asked Hutchinson if plans called for making the organization functional in other parts of the county other than just Pinedale, to which Hutchinson replied, yes.

“Monday was just a launching place (for the DAT),” Hutchinson said. “There are still several aspects that need to be put in place. It’s a corporate decision. I’m only the facilitator at this point, but I want to bring into view what Red Cross has to offer.”

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