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Small Girl’s Generosity Proves Big Heart

by Trey Wilkinson

We love to hear about the inspiring, heartwarming stories of people bringing holiday cheer to others. A lot of times we hear of groups, charities or organizations raising money to help the needy. But how often do we hear about an individual doing it on their own, let alone a 9-year-old?

That’s just what Marbleton youngster Sarah Hamilton did last year and is doing again this year.

Hamilton and her mother Sabrina Smith moved to Marbleton in October 2006 and just a month later Hamilton came to her mother with an idea.

“Last year she wanted to make a difference in some family’s life,” Smith said. “So she made homemade cards and gave away her own books. She raised $85 last year and I gave her $15, so she was able to give $100.” “She has always gone above and beyond when it comes to helping people,” Smith added. “At school for food and toy drives she always helped out. ”

Smith called Big Piney Elementary School in an attempt to find out where the money raised could go and where it would best be used. The school gave her Dick Kalber’s name. Kalber is the minister at Community Congregational in Big Piney and Community Christian Church in Big Piney.

Hamilton spent time at Midway Mall in Marbleton a year ago, where her 19-year-old sister Danielle Hamilton works, selling her cards and books. The money she raised went to help a family in need. The 9-year-old explained why she decided to raise the money.

“It was Christmas time and I knew there were a lot of people out there who could use the money,” Hamilton said. “I wanted to help a needy family.”

This wasn’t just a one-year generosity ploy by the 9-year old. Hamilton is spreading her good cheer again this year, and this time with a friend, 10-year-old Lisa Yeary of Marbleton. The two youngsters have raised $262.14 to date. According to Smith, this year Hamilton is selling “magic reindeer food,” cup cakes and candy at Midway Mall in her special spot by the soda display.

“I am very proud of Sarah,” Smith said. “She is a very caring little girl. I have always told her it is better to give than to receive.”

Obviously Hamilton takes her mother’s words to heart.

“She loves to make people smile,” Smith said. “She has a heart of gold. She hates to see people sad.”

Smith reflected backwhen her daughter was younger and she gave her $2 to spend at the Dollar Store.

“Instead of buying something for herself she spent the money on a present for me,” Smith said. “She just loves helping people. She just wants to help everybody.”

It’s true, and another story proves how big Hamilton’s heart really is.

“When we lived in Texas we saw a homeless man and she started crying,” Smith said. “She felt so sorry for him, so we drove through McDonald’s and got him some food.”

Smith and her daughters have started a family tradition and it’s one Smith foresees happening for years down the road.

“I have always wanted to take my girls to a soup kitchen to pass out Christmas dinner, so maybe next year we can work on that,” Smith said. “Sarah started this on her own and I believe because of the type of girl she is, she will keep on doing it for years to come.”

“I’m going to keep doing it,” Hamilton said. “I wish other children would do it.”

“It is amazing how just a smile can brighten someone’s life,” Smith said.

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