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Local woman has ‘beautiful’ plans for Main Street

by Trey Wilkinson

As Pinedale continues to grow, one local citizen has taken an interest in keeping the look of the town as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Pinedale resident Martha Ptasnik went to Mayor Steve Smith last fall to talk with him about all the things going on in town. At that time, she mentioned thoughts of a Main Street Beautification Project that would give Pinedale a pleasant look.

“After doing some research and talking to people it seems there is a lot of interest,” Ptasnik said as she spoke to the Pinedale Town Council on Monday evening. “I’ve come here to give you some information and answer any questions that you may have.”

Questions asked included those regarding private fundraising and what kind of work would be done.

Ptasnik said there will be private fundraising and emphasized the importance of making the project a community effort.

“I think this is great for the town,” Smith said. “I appreciate the efforts of Martha and anyone who chooses to help volunteer for such a project.”

Ptasnik has taken time to research books and the Internet in order to find out what has made other Main Street programs successful.

“It’s not just about looking at pretty signs, trees or flowers,” she said. “I think it’s important to look at the approach itself – we have to look at some of the underlying issues. It’s something the whole community should feel good about.”

One program Ptasnik has researched is the National Main Street Program, which according to Ptasnik, has a very systematic and comprehensive approach to such projects.

“This is the kind of direction I’d like to see it go,” she said. “It talks about things like how to include the community and how to raise funds.”

Ptasnik didn’t stop her research there, as she looked further into a number of other award-winning projects from across the county to see what has set them apart.

Things like well-designed sidewalks, pedestrian-friendly street intersections, pedestrian scale lighting, vintage style street signs and public art are a few of the notable options Ptasnik has come across.

“Things like the vintage style street signs are an inexpensive alternative that can make a real difference,” she said. “Art can distinguish the efforts from most Main Street projects.”

Ptasnik commended those who have put forth an effort to help make Main Street what it is today.

“I think it is important to note that a lot of people have put out a lot of effort to make Main Street as beautiful as it is,” she said.

Ptasnik mentioned the Sage and Snow Garden Club, local businesses and the city and county street crews as just some of the participating parties who keep up the appearance on Main Street.

“There has already been a lot of effort,” she said. “I just want to coordinate more efforts and come up with a common vision to make the street even better.”

The council was supportive of the idea, as councilman David Hohl gave Ptasnik encouragement saying, “have at it.”

If anyone is interested in participating on a committee please send a letter of interest to Ptasnik at PO Box 923, Pinedale, WY 82941 or email her at

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