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Vehicles disobeying signs cause for concern

by Trey Wilkinson

More attention was brought to stop and speed limit signs in Pinedale during Monday evening’s town council meeting, as Pinedale resident Wendy Schwartz was on hand to read a letter addressed to the council expressing her concerns with vehicles that ignore posted traffic signs.

“That is my concern ... concern for our public letter,” the letter read. “Along many of the streets that are in ‘my’ neighborhood the school children wait for the bus, I walk my dogs, people stroll with their children and there are a couple of people who travel our side streets in wheelchairs and golf carts.”

Schwartz said she had visited with Undersheriff Jim Whinnery and he told Schwartz he would relay the information to the mayor and town council.

“The solution of the town council and mayor is to do a study on the matter – our tax dollars at work doing a ‘study’ that will take months,” the letter went on to read. “Pretty soon we will be busy with an influx of tourists and more people driving faster than the speed limits and still no stop signs.”

Schwartz listed specific areas she feels need the attention of stop and speed signs. Those areas include: Washington and Jackson – both sides (school bus stop area); Jackson and Wilson; Wilson and Madison; Madison and Washington (school bus stop area); Cole and Washington; Washington and Colter; and Washington and Entertainment Way.

“The freedom to walk along the street and not get hit is most important,” Schwartz said at Monday’s meeting.

Councilman David Hohl agreed with Schwartz, stating that he had seen and come across the same problem with vehicles ignoring signs and speeding.

Councilman Gary Heuck said enforcement was the issue.

“Have you considered taking paper and a pen with you when you’re walking so you can take down license-plate numbers?” councilwoman Nylla Kunard asked.

“I have not done that,” Schwartz said. “But not everyone can do that all of the time.”

The council disagreed and suggested people do that to help alleviate the problem.

Mayor Steve Smith requested Schwartz attend the April 23 town council meeting, as law enforcement will also be in attendance to discuss the issue.

In other town action:

Mayor’s assistant Lauren McKeever spoke on behalf of Kathleen Petersen and the Pinedale Tree and Park Board about the problem with mountain bark beetles infecting trees around Pinedale, including trees at Boyd Skinner Memorial Park and American Legion Park.

McKeever said at least 20 trees have been infected.

“The treatment for the infected trees is removing them,” she said. “We would then spray the trees that are not infected.”

According to McKeever, the “rough cost” for preventative measures for each tree would be $16-20. It has not yet been determined as to how many trees would need to be sprayed.

“Treatment would have to start before July 1,” McKeever said. “The reason it has to start before July 1 is because the beetles fly to new trees before that date. This gives us that window for treatment.”

According to Chris Fallbeck, assistant district forester for the State of Wyoming, the beetles infect trees exponentially, meaning after four years up to 81 trees could be infected if treatment measures are not taken.

According to McKeever, the treatment would last for one year.

• Sublette County Chamber of Commerce Director Kim Andrews and Membership/Events Coordinator Terrie Swift addressed the council looking for approval for closing South Franklin Street from Pine Street to Boyd Skinner Memorial Park during Rendezvous Days, set to take place July 12-15.

Andrews said with a food court in that area, closing the street would help take care of sanitation problems. Vendors would also be on the street leading people to the park.

One question was raised asking if the closure would affect homeowners.

“We would leave the street open to its residents,” Andrews said.

Mayor Smith said he and the council would make up an agreement and action would be taken at the next council meeting.

• The council unanimously approved a request to vacate lots 11 and 12 and create lots 17 and 18 for preliminary plat at Trails End Subdivision.

Aaron Seehafer with Rio Verde Engineering said the plan is to reconfigure the lot line to make it “more user friendly.”

Planning and Zoning Administrator Megan Jacquet informed the council that Planning and Zoning reviewed the plan and recommended approval if contingencies were met. Jacquet said all necessary changes had been made.

• The council unanimously approved a request for the vacation of lots 1-2 and 1-4 and the creation of lots 1-12 and 1-13 at Orcutt Hill Subdivision.

Seehafer informed the board the purpose of the request was to correct the lot line turning three lots into two.

• The council unanimously approved preliminary and final plats for a lot division on the Hennick Addition. Jacquet informed the council that Planning and Zoning had approved the request and all contingencies had been met.

• The council approved waiving a no-digging restriction and fees to allow the county to dig to a drain line near the courthouse.

According to the director of the county maintenance department, this dig is an emergency.

“Because it is an emergency we waived the no-digging restriction,” Mayor Smith said. “In the spirit of cooperation we waived the fees.”

• The council approved buying one ton of magnesium hydroxide for the wastewater treatment facility at $4,200. According to Smith, it is part of the chemical process.

• Sublette County School District No. 1 asked council for approval of “moveable” concrete barriers in front of the Pinedale Elementary School.

“This is to prevent U-turns,” Randy Hubbard with the public works department said.

“This will help in directing traffic for the safety of children,” Smith said.

The council approved the request.

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