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Public Notices

Request for Proposal
Notice is hereby given that proposals are being accepted for the new Sublette County Visitor Center, located at 19 East Pine, for the following:
a) Two exterior signs of carved wood or similar simulated medium to match character of building, and painted. Sketches available at Visitor Center for hanger information.
b) Two handcrafted interior benches.
c) Four handcrafted exterior porch chairs.
d) Four handcrafted exterior rocking chairs.
e) Four handcrafted wood or metal overlay on wood panels.
Proposals will be accepted until 5 p.m., March 30, 2007 by the Sublette County Chamber of Commerce, 317 East Pine, PO Box 176, Pinedale, Wy 82941. Interested parties should call 307-367-2242 to obtain more information.
Published in the Sublette Examiner March 15, 2007.

Sublette County Rural Health Care District
Regular Board Meeting
Date: February 28th, 2007
Venue: Marbleton Town Hall
Board Members in attendance:
Bill Budd, President
Jud Faler, Vice President
Walt Bousman, Secretary/Treasurer
Garry Eiden, Trustee
Kip Boone, Administrator
Minutes taken by Amber Stark, Clerk
Call to order:
The regular meeting of the Sublette County Rural Health Care District Board of Directors was called to order by Chairman Bill Budd at 7pm in the Marbleton Town Hall.
Bousman moved to accept the agenda as presented, seconded by Faler carried unanimously.
Approval of Minutes:
Eiden moved to approve the minutes of the February 14th, 2007 meeting. Bousman seconded the motion, passed unanimously
Old Business:
Organizational chart – tabled
GRCS Proposal
Bousman clarified that the GRCS proposal was for 30 days and recommended accepting the contract with GRCS to continue for 30 days. Moved to accept 30 day contract.
Mr. Boone recommended waiting to sign a contract until he has time to consider both technical support proposals.
Item tabled pending further consideration.
Clinic administrator search update – resolved
Clerk of the Works contract – resolved
Current Business:
Physician Search update
Kris Roork reported that Dr. Quirk will be coming to the district in April. She has held off on serious recruiting until the board approves a generic contract for candidates to consider. Dr. Quirk is in contact with several qualified physicians and they may be considered in the future.
Nursing Policies and Procedures
Cindy Van reported that she is awaiting revisions and updates from Dr. LaSuer which should arrive on Monday. Once she receives these revisions she will put all policies and procedures together in a final format. Ms. Van met with Mr. Boone to discuss the policies and procedures and he has approved the proposed format. Ms. Van hopes to have the policies ready for board consideration by March 13th, 2007.
Construction Project Update
In the absence of Brian Gray the update was postponed till the next Board meeting.
CFO Report
Lorraine Gatzke reported that the grace period for the moving of the CD has expired but the bank has offered the option of moving the funds into an interest bearing checking account. Ms. Gatzke recommended moving the funds into the account where they would be more accessible.
Eiden motioned to move the funds from the CD into an interest bearing checking account, Bousman seconded, Faler abstained, motion carried.
Ms. Gatzke requested a motion to move funds from the Bank of the West account (non interest bearing) into First Bank in Pinedale which is interest bearing.
Eiden motioned to move funds from Bank of the West to First Bank on a monthly basis, seconded by Bousman, Motion carries with Faler abstaining.
Bousman asked Ms. Gatzke to report on how things are going with the financial statements.
Ms. Gatzke reported that she has finished balancing the cash accounts through December and now will go back and clean up the rest of the district’s accounts. She hopes to have a financial statement for review by the middle of March.
Faler asked Administrator Kip Boone if he was satisfied with his discussions with Ms. Gatzke.
Mr. Boone reported that he was satisfied with the work being done and he would be meeting again with Ms. Gatzke for further discussion.
EMS Council Report
Bill Krieger introduced Dr. Schmitz who is the medical director for Sublette county EMS. The protocols for the EMS have been finished and are available for the board’s information and review. EMS council also recommended looking into some housing options for new employees in the district. This would help with commuting EMTs and also be a help in recruiting new employees. Council also wished to remind the board that the EMS is outgrowing its quarters in Big Piney and will need larger quarters soon.
Will Gay reported that they have instituted a pilot youth BEC program in Pinedale. This is the first program in the state. Students 15-18 years old are trained at the BEC level and are able to ride on the ambulance. This program helps to give the students exposure to the EMS with the hope that at age 18 they will take the EMT test and become certified. The program is backed by the State EMS and Dr. Schmitz. Students are not paid; the program is on a volunteer basis which is good for the students in looking for scholarships in the future and better for the district do to stringent child labor laws. Three students are currently enrolled in the program which has good rules and guidelines to protect them. The program may change as needed in the future but it is a good beginning.
Dr. Schmitz expressed his appreciation of the Sublette County EMS and their dedication and excellence. Commented that Sublette County has the highest volume of runs for the size of the district and that the EMS is doing an excellent job. SCEMS is continually upgrading their training and skills.
A citizen questioned why there were so many ambulance runs in this district.
Will Gay clarified that it was probably due to the gas field and also due to the lack of a hospital in the immediate area which necessitates ambulance transportation of patients to hospitals.
Bill Krieger presented the EMS protocols to the board for their consideration.
New Business:
SAFV Task Force MOU
Robyn Clover explained to the board the memorandum of understanding and strategic plan for the SAFV task force. She asked the board to sign the memorandum of understanding.
Faler asked whether the Rural Health Care District was to provide funding for this task force.
Ms. Clover explained that there were not any financial provisions from the District for this year but she may be asking for funding in the future for a family counseling program. ?Faler made a motion to sign the MOU, seconded by Bousman, carried unanimously.
Chairman Bill Budd Signed the SAFV Task Force MOU.
Sublette Health Care Coalition
Van Huffman explained the forming of a new group of concerned citizens named the “Sublette Health Care Coalition”. They meet to discuss community concerns regarding the health care district. To streamline the process they have begun to prioritize their needs to bring before the board. The first concern is to keep professionals (both nurses and doctors) on board and to get contracts signed for each of them. The second concern is that a financial statement be made publicly available. The board thanked Mr. Huffman and the Coalition for their concerns.
Appleby Aviation Contract for Services
Kyle Erickson proposed a bid for a contract for an air ambulance for the EMS to help relieve the stress on the ambulance service. Mr. Erickson explained how efficient and helpful a helicopter would be in transporting patients and in getting to emergency sites. He emphasized how the helicopter could transport patients in half the time of the ambulance and so would free up the ambulance for use more quickly.
Bousman expressed his concern over spending a large amount of money on a monthly contract if the district only uses the helicopter five or six times a month.
Budd commented that he is no willing to make a decision now but suggested more time to consider the need and cost analysis of such a contract.
Eiden asked Mr. Erickson if he had approached the Sheriff’s department or the Oil companies regarding this proposal.
Mr. Erickson explained he had not contacted other parties yet but wanted to offer first to the Health district.
A citizen asked if there was specific licensing needed to certify the helicopter/crew as an air ambulance.
Mr. Erickson explained they would pursue such licensing.
A citizen commented that currently a life flight only cost the patient for transportation but paying for a contract with the health care district would cost the whole district.
Mr. Erickson emphasized the better turn around time for the helicopter and its efficiency.
Budd suggested the topic be discussed at a later time when more information was available.
Eiden informed the board that previously the Oil companies had expressed their interest in helping to fund an air ambulance and that they were willing to pay for 2/3 of the operation cost.
Faler suggested that the issue be tabled and looked in to at greater depth.
Mr. Erickson promised to provide the board with a cost breakdown and cost comparison.
The Board thanked Mr. Erickson for his time.
Healthy Sublette Program
Mary Lynn Worl explained the Healthy Sublette Program to the board and its objectives as a county wide program for all ages. She asked the board to release the funds allocated in the previous year’s budget for the Healthy Sublette Program to be used now and explained she would not need to request further funds in this year’s budget.
Faler made a motion to approve the release of designated funds and expressed compliments to Mary Lynn Worl for her hard work and dedication to the community. Bousman asked that there be an addendum to the proposal to make the program county-wide. Ms. Worl will make such an addendum. Bousman seconded the motion, carried unanimously.
Chairman Bill Budd suggested amending the agenda to have public comments before the executive session. The board approved the change.
Public Comments:
A citizen asked the board if there was a formatted job description for Kip Boone as administrator.
Mr. Boone explained that the job description had not been formalized but that they were working on it and it will be completed soon.
A Citizen asked the board if Dr. Darcy Turner will be offered a contract even though he has never worked for the district.
Faler commented that to his understanding the contract would be offered to all medical providers in the county.
A citizen expressed her concern that the helicopter contract was priced too high and emphasized the options currently available as reliable and more cost-effective.
A citizen asked the board when they might expect a reply from the Board regarding Mr. Huffman’s concerns about financial statements and contracts for medical personnel.
Mr. Boone commented that Ms. Gatzke had already expressed her hope to have financial statements available in mid March and that they are working on the contracts for medical personnel. Mr. Boone hopes to have the contracts ready within two weeks if possible but they will need legal revisions etc. so it may be up to four weeks.
Mary Lynn Worl asked the board if, since they were offering contracts to all medical providers, they would be using any vetting process to determine who to hire.
Mr. Boone emphasized that the board will definitely be doing all regular checks and vetting.
Eiden moved to adjourn to executive session to discuss personnel issues, Bousman seconded the motion, carried unanimously. Adjourned to executive session at 8:00pm
Reconvened to regular meeting at 8:31pm
Bousman moved to hire Dr. Quirk as a medical provider and sign his contract, seconded by Faler, carried unanimously.
Bousman moved to sign a six month contract for Randy Johnson, seconded by Faler, carried unanimously.
Katie Krieger asked the board if she could backdate the contract with Geneal Bailey to February 16th, 2007.
Budd confirmed that she could.
Cindy Van suggested a change of venue for the next board meeting held in Marbleton because so many people had to stand in the hall who could not hear.
Board expressed t heir hope that the new, larger room would be ready by next time and if not they may be able to use the fire hall.
Financial Statement:
Due to the financial statement motion not being called in the February 14th meeting Faler motioned to accept the payments last week, seconded by Bousman, carried unanimously.
Faler made motion to approve payments as presented, seconded by Bousman and carried unanimously authorizing vouchers for payroll and vendors numbered DD – 02-23-07 – 10 through 76 and 8800 through 8898 totaling $317,648.40.
With no further business Faler motioned to adjourn the meeting, carried unanimously. ?Adjourned at: 8:50
Published in the Sublette Examiner March 15, 2007.

The Board of County Commissioners of the County of Sublette has decided to alter a part of the Muddy Creek County Road No. 23-177 commencing at Station 25+39.8 on the west line of the SW1/4SW1/4, Section 34, T31N, R111W, Sublette County, Wyoming, and running through the SW1/4SW1/4 and NW1/4SW1/4, Section 34, T31N, R111W and Lot 4 (NW1/4NW1/4) Section 3, T30N, R111W and terminating at the north line of said NW1/4SW1/4.
All objections thereto or claims for damages by reason thereof must be filed in writing with the County Clerk of said County, before noon on the 12th day of April 2007, or such road will be altered or vacated without reference to such objections or claims for damages.
DATED this 9th day of March 2007.
/s/ Mary L. Lankford, County Clerk
Publishes in the Sublette Examiner March 15, 22 & 29, 2007.

The Board of County Commissioners of the County of Sublette has decided to alter or vacate part of the Cottonwood-Ryegrass County road No. 23-117 through the NE1/4SW1/4, NE1/4NW1/4SW1/4, and SW1/4NW1/4 of Section 28, T32N, R111W.
All objections thereto or claims for damages by reason thereof must be filed in writing with the County Clerk of said County, before noon on the 19th day of March 2007, or such road will be altered or vacated without reference to such objections or claims for damages.
DATED this 20th day of February, 2007.
/s/ Mary L. Lankford, County Clerk
Published in the Sublette Examiner, March 8, 15 & 22 2007.

The Sublette County Board of County Commissioners are in the process of developing a website to better serve the citizens of Sublette County. The website will provide links to County departments and services and will be made available to the public within the next several months. The website will include a link to the Sublette County Geographic Information System (GIS). The Sublette County GIS provides ownership information; which includes property owner name, mailing address, street address and legal description. Additional information available on the County GIS site will include road names/centerlines, rivers and lakes, subdivisions, FEMA flood zones, aerial photography, voter precincts and zoning districts. The information to be made available on the County website and GIS can currently be obtained and will remain available through the County Assessors Office, County Clerk or County Planning Department. The County Commissioners are sensitive to the privacy concerns of County citizens, which is the purpose of this notice. As ownership information, which includes the property owner name and mailing address will be made available through the link to the GIS on the County website, the Sublette County Commissioners are utilizing this public notice to inform citizens before the website and GIS information is made available to the public. Should you have concerns regarding the information to be made available on the Sublette County website and GIS link contact Mary Lankford, County Clerk at (307) 367-4372, (307) 276-3827 or e-mail your concerns to
Published in the Sublette Examiner March 8 & 15, 2007.

The contents of the following storage units will be sold at auction on Tues., March 27, 2007 at 4:00 p.m. The location of the sale is Alsade Storage, 1 Alsade Dr, Marbleton, WY (Hwy 189 and 7th St East). Written rules of the auction will be provided to all bidders. Lessees may redeem their units prior to the auction.
# 65 Grant Beemer
#122 Bob Watterson

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