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Reporter’s Notes

Oldham out

Wyoming Livestock Board President Phil Marton announced the resignation of Wyoming State Veterinarian Dr. Dwayne Oldham, effective Jan. 25.

Oldham served as the state veterinarian and chief executive officer for the Wyoming Livestock Board since his appointment Oct. 18, 2004.


There will be an informal open house from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 13 in the Pinedale Library to discuss the Pinedale Anticline Project Area Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement.

A two-hour public forum beginning at 5 p.m. in the library will follow the informal open house. There will be opportunity to give oral comments, however attendees will be asked to submit all comments in writing.

To provide a fair opportunity to hear everyone’s comments, the BLM asks that each person prepare a three-minute summary that captures the essence of their concern.

The PAPA DSEIS was released on Dec 15, 2006. Comments will close March 15. The DSEIS supplements the 2000 EIS for the PAPA, and analyzes three alternatives for continued natural gas development within the project area.

For more information, visit the BLM Pinedale Field Office at 432 East Mill Street, or call Matt Anderson at (307) 367-5328.


Severe to extreme hydrologic drought continues across most of Wyoming, according to a new drought report issued by Jim Fahey, Wyoming NOAA hydrologist. Wyoming is entering into the seventh consecutive year of moderate or greater hydrologic drought.

The U.S. Drought Monitor has continued to keep most of Wyoming under severe to extreme hydrological drought for the past six months. The Wind River Basin has been hit the hardest with the current hydrological drought.

The Riverton area received only 43 percent of normal precipitation for the calendar year 2006. Precipitation total in the Lander area for calendar year 2006 equaled only 55 percent of normal.

Lease withdrawn

Based on review and recommendation from the Pinedale Field Office, the BLM has removed eight parcels originally included in the February 2007 Competitive Oil and Gas Lease sale. The parcels were removed when BLM determined they contained important historic and cultural resources as well as important wildlife habitat.

Additional analysis is needed to determine whether these parcels will be offered for lease. The BLM verifies that lands are available and eligible for oil and gas leasing.

One of the removed parcels adjoins an important Mountain Man Rendezvous site, and along with four other parcels, falls within or immediately adjoins an area locally referred to as the Ryegrass. The BLM is working with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department to determine if there are specific migration routes within the Ryegrass Area that are located west and up-migration from the Mesa portion of the Pinedale Anticline.

The other deleted parcels contain combinations of flood plains, threatened and endangered species habitat, and visually sensitive areas.

For more information, visit the BLM Pinedale Field Office at 432 East Mill Street, or call Bill Lanning at (307) 367-5318.

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