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Dead calf number rises

by Cat Urbigkit

The count on dead beef calves due to wolf depredation associated with the wolf pack ranging in the Prospect Mountain area along the western flank of the Wind River Mountains now stands at about 20, according to Mike Jimenez of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Although one adult male wolf from this pack was removed by federal officials, efforts to kill or trap the remaining pack members have thus far failed.

Also last week, USDA Wildlife Services confirmed wolves near Pinedale killed a calf. The calf had been killed several days earlier and no wolves had returned to the area. FWS reported it would monitor the site closely to see if wolves return or cause further depredations.

FWS reported: “With the beginning of big game rifle hunting seasons in Wyoming, trapping for routine radio-collaring purposes has been terminated on nearly all public lands to avoid conflicts with people and their pets. Some collaring may continue on private lands with landowner permission and where public access is controlled.”

Utah had some wolf activity this month as well.

On Sept. 9, the Utah State Director of USDA Wildlife Services was contacted by a private trapper who reported that he had captured a wolf in a coyote trap set on private sheep grazing land in Box Elder County. The ranch is located approximately 10 miles northeast of Tremonton and about the same distance south of the Idaho State Line.  Federal officials joined state officials in meeting with the trapper and recovering the wolf carcass. The animal appeared to be a mature male wolf but was somewhat decomposed. It had apparently escaped with a coyote-sized trap that was believed to be stolen/missing for more than a week. The wolf, which appeared to be a three-year-old gray male and is believed to be a disperser from the Yellowstone area, was sent to the FWS forensic lab to confirm its identity, origin and cause of death.

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