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Public Notices

Notice is hereby given that the Big Piney Cemetery District Board of Directors will be receiving sealed bids to construct a 100 by 40 foot steel maintenance building at the Plainview Cemetery, Big Piney, Wyoming.
Copies of the bid package can be received by calling Larry Robertson at 307-276-3230 or 307-260-6230.
Bids must be received by June 19, 2006, 4 p.m. or they can be mailed to P.O. Box 183 Big Piney, Wyo. 83113.
Bids will be opened at the Southwest Sublette Pioneer Building located at 111 Rakestraw Street, Marbleton, Wyo., at 7 p.m.
The board reserves the rights to accept or reject any or all bids.
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 1, 8 and 15, 2006.

TAKE NOTICE that on the 30th day of May 2006, an Application for Decree of Distribution of real property of MARGARET A. GUMFORY, deceased, was filed in the District Court of Sublette County, Wyoming, Ninth Judicial District, Probate No. 2006-1983. Decedent died Dec. 17, 2005, owning an interest in real property described as:
Tract 1: An undivided one-sixth (1/6) interest in a tract of land in section 2, township 33 north, range 111 west of the 6th PM, Sublette County, Wyoming, described as follows:
Beginning on a point which is 1,156 feet south of a point which is 1,373 feet east of the northwest corner of said section 2; and running thence east 280 feet; thence south 350 feet; thence west 280 feet; thence north 250 feet to the point of beginning, containing 1.6 acres, more or less; and
Tract 2: A tract of land in section 2, township 33, north, range 111 west of the 6th PM, Sublette County, Wyoming, described as follows:
Commencing at a point which is located S.51 degrees 14.1’E.,a distance of 936.14 feet from the northwest corner of said section 2;
Thence S.89 degrees 56.1’W., a distance of 74.61 feet;
Thence S.00 degrees 26.7’W., a distance of 335.43 feet;
Thence S.86 degrees 46.1’E., a distance of 74.02 feet;
Thence N.00 degrees 33.5’E., a distance of 339.69 to thepoint of beginning.
The court shall consider the application on the 19th day of June, 2006, at 10 a.m., and if it appears the facts in the application are not dispute, the court shall enter a decree of distribution as prayed for in said application.
DATED this 30th day of May, 2006.
/s/ Marilyn M. Jensen, Clerk of District Court
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 8 and 15, 2006.

) ss.
Deceased. )
PROBATE NO. 2006-1986
You are hereby notified that on June 2, 2006, the Last WillAnd Testament of said decedent was admitted to probate by the above-named courtand that JAMES L. PLATTS, D.D.S. was appointed personal representative thereof on June 2, 2006. Any action to set aside said will must be filed in said court within three months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or thereafter be forever barred.
Notice is further given that all persons indebted to said decedent or to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to JAMES L.PLATTS, D.D.S., c/o Wood Law Office, P.O. Box 130, Pinedale, Wyo., 82941.
Creditors having claims against said decedent or the estate are required to file them in duplicate with the necessary vouchers in the office of the Clerk of the District Court, on or before three (3) months afterthe date of the first publication of this notice, and if such claims are not so filed, unless otherwise allowed or paid, they will be forever barred.
DATED this ________ day of ____________________, 20____.
Clerk of the District Court
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 8, 15, 22 and 29,2006.

a/k/a ESTER I. HOYLE, )
Deceased. )
PROBATE NO. 2006-1987
ESTER IRENE HOYLE, a/k/a ESTER I. HOYLE, resident of El Paso County, Texas, died on Jan. 13, 1998. Her estate was admitted to probate in the Probate Court of El Paso, County of Texas, as Probate No. 98-P00109 on Jan. 30,1998. JOHN LARRY HOYLE has filed a Petition For Order Admitting Foreign Probate with this court requesting an order admitting the Texas probate proceedings described above as a probate of the decedent’s estate in Wyoming. The Wyoming estate of the decedent being described as follows:
Lot Forty-Five (45), Block Two (2), of the Barger Subdivision, Sublette County, Wyoming as the same appears on the official mapor plat there of filed for record in the office of the County Clerk and Ex-Officio Register of Deeds for Sublette County, Wyoming;
TOGETHER WITH all improvements and appurtenances thereunto appertaining;
Hereby take notice that the petition is set for hearing on June 29, 2006, at 10 a.m. in the courtroom of the Sublette County Courthouse in Pinedale, Wyo. Anyone objecting to said probate or any unpaid creditor of the decedent should file notice of said objection or claim with the Clerk of District Court prior to said hearing orappear at said hearing to enter their objection or claim. Otherwise, the petition of JOHN LARRY HOYLE shall be taken as correct and the relief prayed for therein granted.
DATED this 6th day of June, 2006.
Clerk of District Court
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 15 and 22, 2006.

In the District Court of Sublette County, Wyoming
Ninth Judicial District
In the Matter of the )
New Fork Lake )
Irrigation District )
Docket No. 148
Kip Alexander, Stan Murdock, Floyd L. Briggs, Jr., Tina M.Nelson and Kurt Krech, the duly elected, qualified and acting commissioners of New Fork Lake Irrigation District, having filed their report pursuant to the requirements of W.S. 41-7-402 (1977), showing that each landowner in the district should be assessed a minimum of $10 for the current expenses and a further assessment of $.40 per acre upon the benefited lands of the district for the purpose of raising funds for new work, maintenance and current expenses of said district, in the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2006;
IT IS ORDERED THAT the hour of 10 a.m. on the 19th day of June, 2006 in the courtroom of the Sublette County Courthouse at Pinedale, Wyoming, be fixed as the time and place for examination of said annual report and for the hearing of objections thereto.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED THAT notice of such hearing be published one (1) time in the Sublette Examiner.
DATED this 12th day of June, 2006.
/s/ Marilyn M. Jensen
Clerk of District Court
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 15, 2006.

Sublette County Rural Health Care District
Regular Meeting
Unofficial Minutes
County Commissioners Room
Pinedale, Wyo.
May 22, 2006
7:30 p.m.
Jerry Jensen, president, chaired this meeting held in the County Commissioners Room, Pinedale, Wyo. Mary Lynn Worl, vice president, Bill Barney, secretary/treasurer, and Randy Johnson, director, were in attendance. Walt Bousman, trustee, and Garry Eiden, trustee, were absent. JaunaMcGinnis, clerk, took the minutes.
Others in attendance:
EMS: Andy McGinnis, David Potter, David Klein
Press Reps: Bill Boender, Sublette Examiner
Others: Kris Roork
Jerry Jensen called the meeting to order at 7:31 p.m. and set the agenda. Mary Lynn Worl motioned to accept the agenda as presented. Seconded by Bill Barney and carried unanimously.
Bill Barney motioned to accept the May 8, 2006 regular meeting minutes as presented. Seconded by Mary Lynn Worl and carried unanimously.
Kris Roork – Kris Roork, PA presented a clarification of rumors regarding her resignation at the end of February. She is not retired but rather resigned with cause. There has been an on going tone of disrespect, has asked for the past four years for a contract without success. She would like to work in the Pinedale clinic and is willing to work at the Marbleton clinic without call. She is willing to and knows she can work with Dr. Boyle, but not under her supervision. Based on her 30-plus years as a medical professional, she advised a credentialed medical administrator is vital to the construction and continued administration of the clinics.
Healthy Sublette – Mary Lynn Worl presented a county-wide wellness program, requesting a budget of $9,500. This will mainly be ran by volunteers through a steering and advisory committee and may be integrated with the health fairs, clinics and other organizations. The focus area will be nutrition and weight control for the first year. The amount will be added to the budget.
Update – Jauna McGinnis reported that all locum contracts have been contacted. A file of cv’s has been sent to Dr. Boyle. There has been no movement on Dr. Larson whose family situation won’t allow him to come to Sublette County. Chairman Jensen suggested mobilizing a search committee. It was decided it would not be beneficial in our current situation. Bill Barney suggested the finalization of the draft that establishes guidelines and requirements for specialties not provided and for outside physicians involved in call in the ER of our clinics.
Merritt Hawkins – Mary Lynn Worl motioned to sign the agreement with Merritt Hawkins for physician recruitment. Seconded by Bill Barney and carried unanimously.
Other – Andy McGinnis reported on two bids received for the installation of a mop sink in the Marbleton Clinic. Bill Barney motioned to Bridger Mechanical to do the job. Seconded by Mary Lynn Worl and carried unanimously. Jauna McGinnis requested the ability to obtain a bid for sound-deadening measures in the Marbleton Clinic. Permission was granted Chairman Jensen inquired about ground maintenance.
Progress – Jauna McGinnis reported that Randy Johnson spent last week in the Pinedale clinic meeting with staff, familiarizing with the operation and continuing the transition process. Jauna McGinnis requested the administrative personnel to have the same ability to set up the Pinedale clinic as they did with the Marbleton clinic. Bill Barney motioned to authorizethe administrative staff to set-up business like in Marbleton. Seconded by Mary Lynn Worl and carried unanimously.
EHR Equipment – Tabled.
Bid Items – Jauna McGinnis requested to put an ER stretcher out for bid. Bill Barney motioned to put the ER stretcher out forbid. Seconded by Mary Lynn Worl and carried unanimously. Other items will be brought to the Board at a later date.
Update – Andy McGinnis reported Big Piney will try to fill one person for the two crew and add one crew for the nights. The council sees the need and has given Pinedale the ability to staff two crews 24-7 and will take this to the group for review. Jauna McGinnis reminded the board that the volume of runs will not carry the salary requirements for new additional crew members. An additional $304 per run is needed now to cover current payroll. Andy McGinnis stated there is not enough volunteer coverage and the salaried personnel are covering the extra time. The board discussed if this would be a temporary need through the summer and the possibility of transferring the crew over to Sand Draw. Ways to increase the volunteer force were discussed. A letter from Dr. Schmitz was submitted requesting the ability to send EMTs to a national conference. The council is to bring a proposed training policy to the board. First Responder ID badges have become mandatory. The weapons in mass destruction course is also required. Andy McGinnis requested to send two peopleto Laramie for a train-the-trainer course. It would require these individuals to train around the state also. Approval was received for one EMT from each division to attend. New employee Dave Klein was introduced.
IT Update – Jauna McGinnis reported the data center is in progress. EHR will be on hold till the following month. There is an alcove in the basement of the Pinedale clinic which is suited for the data center.
Rocky Mountain Communications System – There are too many ramifications. Money cannot compensate for ruining our communications. Bill Barney motioned to not move forward with this request. Seconded by Mary Lynn Worl and carried unanimously.
Audit Engagement Letter – Mary Lynn Worl motioned to engage Leo Riley to perform the audit and sign the audit engagement letter. Seconded by Bill Barney and carried unanimously.
Rental Renewal – Bill Barney motioned to accept the rental agreement. Seconded by Mary Lynn Worl and carried unanimously.
Clinic Administrator – It was decided it was time to move ahead with the clinic administrator position. Advertising should be done at all previous places and any new ones that can be found. Candidate should have a master’s in health administration with experience preferable. Salary will be commensurate with experience. The board discussed using key people to help with the hiring process (i.e., Roy Miller, MD, Judy Anderson).
Other – Chairman Jensen discussed how to structure the Pinedale clinic. A list of current personnel and future positions at both clinics was discussed. The administrator position will be over both clinics and probably report to the chairman. It will be necessary to review the director and administrator job descriptions. Bill Barney suggested steps be taken incrementally. It was noted the public is expecting changes but probably realize we can’t make them immediately. The focus will be on staffing physicians. Bill Barney motioned to standardize the charges. Seconded by Mary Lynn Worl and carried unanimously. The board discussed building one clinic at a time.
Budget – Jauna McGinnis was instructed to solicit bye-mail for available times for a budget workshop.
The check registers were reviewed for accountability of checks. No discrepancies were noted. Bill Barney motioned to pay the bills as presented. Seconded by Mary Lynn Worl and carried unanimously authorizing vouchers for payroll and vendors numbered 6895 through 6954, DD053106-28,EFT053106-2 totaling $74,694.80.
Without any further business, Mary Lynn Worl motioned to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Bill Barney and carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned 10:05 p.m.
Respectfully submitted this 12th day of June 2006
Sublette County Rural Health Care District Board of Trustees
Jerry A. Jensen, Chairman
Jauna M. McGinnis, Clerk
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 15, 2006.

Public Notice
Pursuant to the provisions of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, notice is hereby given that Sublette County, Cora Peak TV Assoc. and Upper Green River TV System are required to file with the FCC, no later than June 1, 2006, an application for renewal of TV translator stations K24DA serving the Big Piney-Boulder area, K14IL and Kl6CS serving the Cora-Pinedale area. These translators operate with a peak transmitter output of 20 watts from Ross and Cora Buttes respectively, rebroadcasting KCWC ch. 4 Riverton (on output channels 24 and 14) and KTWO ch. 2 Casper, Wyo. (output channel 16). Renewal of translator stations K05DK serving the Cora-Pinedale area rebroadcasting KSL TV ch. 5 Salt Lake City (output ch. 5) and K07HM KTWO ch. 2(output ch. 7), K10AH SKL ch. 5 Salt Lake City (output ch. 10), K12AH KIDK ch.3 Idaho Falls, Idaho (output ch. 12) serving the Big Piney-Boulder area all with a peak transmitter power of 10 watts.
Individuals who wish to advise the FCC of facts relating to translator stations KO5DK, K12AH, K10HO, K07HM, K24DA, K14IL and K16CS renewal applications to whether these stations have operated in the public interest should file comments and petitions with the FCC by September 1, 2006.
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 15, 2006.

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