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Public Notices

Notice is hereby given that the Big Piney Cemetery DistrictBoard of Directors will be receiving sealed bids to construct a 100 by 40 footsteel maintenance building at the Plainview Cemetery, Big Piney, Wyoming.
Copies of the bid package can be received by calling LarryRobertson at 1-307-276-3230 or 1-307-260-6230.
Bids must be received by June 19, 2006, 4 p.m. or they canbe mailed to P.O. Box 183 Big Piney, Wyo. 83113.
Bids will be opened at the Southwest Sublette PioneerBuilding located at 111 Rakestraw Street, Marbleton, Wyo., at 7 p.m.
The board reserves the rights to accept or reject any or allbids.
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 1, 8 and 15.

Public Sale Notice
June 9, 2006 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. at 12973 Highway 189South. Attention to all who are interested in the sale of an 18-foot AljoSportsman camper in the mid 60’s VIN No. M-51S15963974. This has been on theWilloughbys’ property since September 2005 until the present day. A storage feeof $1,400 is owed and must be paid in order to obtain said property.
The Willoughbys
P.O. Box 272
Daniel, Wyo., 83115
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 1 and 8, 2006.

TAKE NOTICE that on the 30th day of May 2006, an Applicationfor Decree of Distribution of real property of MARGARET A. GUMFORY, deceased,was filed in the District Court of Sublette County, Wyoming, Ninth JudicialDistrict, Probate No. 2006-1983. Decedent died Dec. 17, 2005, owning aninterest in real property described as:
Tract 1: An undivided one-sixth (1/6) interest in a tract ofland in section 2, township 33 north, range 111 west of the 6th PM, SubletteCounty, Wyoming, described as follows:
Beginning on a point which is 1,156 feet south of a pointwhich is 1,373 feet east of the northwest corner of said section 2; and runningthence east 280 feet; thence south 350 feet; thence west 280 feet; thence north250 feet to the point of beginning, containing 1.6 acres, more or less; and
Tract 2: A tract of land in section 2, township 33, north,range 111 west of the 6th PM, Sublette County, Wyoming, described as follows:
Commencing at a point which is located S.51 degrees 14.1’E.,a distance of 936.14 feet from the northwest corner of said section 2;
Thence S.89 degrees 56.1’W., a distance of 74.61 feet;
Thence S.00 degrees 26.7’W., a distance of 335.43 feet;
Thence S.86 degrees 46.1’E., a distance of 74.02 feet;
Thence N.00 degrees 33.5’E., a distance of 339.69 to thepoint of beginning.
The court shall consider the application on the 19th day ofJune, 2006, at 10 a.m., and if it appears the facts in the application are notdispute, the court shall enter a decree of distribution as prayed for in saidapplication.
DATED this 30th day of May, 2006.
/s/ Marilyn M. Jensen, Clerk of District Court
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 8 and 15, 2006.

) ss.
Deceased. )
PROBATE NO. 2006-1986
You are hereby notified that on June 2, 2006, the Last WillAnd Testament of said decedent was admitted to probate by the above-named courtand that JAMES L. PLATTS, D.D.S. was appointed personal representative thereofon June 2, 2006. Any action to setaside said will must be filed in said court within three months from the dateof the first publication of this notice, or thereafter be forever barred.
Notice is further given that all persons indebted to saiddecedent or to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to JAMES L.PLATTS, D.D.S., c/o Wood Law Office, P.O. Box 130, Pinedale, Wyo., 82941.
Creditors having claims against said decedent or the estateare required to file them in duplicate with the necessary vouchers in theoffice of the Clerk of the District Court, on or before three (3) months afterthe date of the first publication of this notice, and if such claims are not sofiled, unless otherwise allowed or paid, they will be forever barred.
DATED this ________ day of ____________________, 20____.
Clerk of the District Court
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 8, 15, 22 and 29,2006.

The town council of the Town of Pinedale met in regularsession Monday, May 22, 2006, at 5:30 p.m., in the town hall.  Thosepresent: Rose Skinner, Barbara Boyce, Miriam Carlson, Nylla Kunard and GaryHeuck.  Also present: Bardy Bardin, Sublette County Sheriff; StevePfisterer; Dennis R. Stenger, representing the Bureau of Land Management; SteveSmith; Chris House; Mark Eatinger, Aaron Seehafer and Dennis Fornstrom,representing Rio Verde Engineering; David M. Smith; James A. Steele; LilPenton, representing the Pinedale Airport Board; Wes Wilson and Cheyenne Stone,representing Wilson Brothers; Ed Wood, town attorney; Randy Hubbard,representing the public works department; Laurie Latta, mayor’s assistant;Meghan Thoreau, planning and zoning administrator; Julie Early, animal controlofficer; Katie Isacksen, representing the Pinedale Roundup; and Isabel Rucker,representing the Sublette Examiner.
Mayor Skinner brought the meeting to order. Motion byHeuck to approve the minutes of the April 24 meeting as written. Motionseconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Julie Early, animal control officer, reported the monthlyactivities of the animal control department.
Randy Hubbard, representing the public works department,reported the monthly activities of the public works department. Hubbard gave anupdate on the Sewer Lagoon Rehabilitation Project. After discussion,motion by Heuck to approve the purchase of diesel, chemicals, equipment and twolaptop computers not to exceed $15,000 for the new lagoon. Motionseconded. Motion carried  unanimously.
Bardy Bardin, Sublette County Sheriff, reported the monthlyactivities of the sheriff’s office.
Laurie Latta, mayor’s assistant, reported her monthlyactivities.
Motion by Heuck to approve the minutes of the May 8 meetingas written. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Patty Racich, town clerk/treasurer,  reported she, EdWood, town attorney, and Meghan Thoreau had met with Debbie Wood and PatQuealy, representing the Sublette Center, and reviewed the sewer and water ratefee being charged and reached an agreement.
Dennis Fornstrom, representing Rio Verde Engineering,presented Kay Buston’s request for Pfisterer Addition’s plat approval andapplication for zoning map amendment, that portion of tract 2 which lies northof the sixteenth line of section 33, T.34N., R109W., 6th P.M., purposed requestis to have all of tract 2 zoned R-2A. Meghan Thoreau, representing the PinedalePlanning and Zoning Board, reported the board had approved the zoning changeand the preliminary plat. After lengthy discussion, motion by Boyce to approvethe zoning change of the Pfisterer Addition from A-1 to R-2A.  Motionseconded. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Heuck to approve only thepreliminary plat for Pfisterer Addition until valley pans and chip-sealedstreets are included for North Street and Hennick Street on the plat. Motionseconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Meghan Thoreau, representing the Pinedale Planning andZoning Board, presented the Bureau of Land Management’s application for atemporary-use permit for two temporary mobile homes to be placed on their lotson South Lincoln Avenue. Thoreau reported the Pinedale Planning and ZoningBoard had approved the request with both temporary mobile homes to be locatedon the north end of the property. Dennis Stenger, representing the Bureauof Land Management,  discussed the request and placement of the temporarymobile homes. After discussion motion by Boyce to approve thetemporary-use permit for two temporary mobile homes to be placed on the northend of the property and paying for two residential sewer and water utilityhook-ups. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Dennis Fornstrom, representing Rio Verde Engineering,presented Bruce and Julie McKinney’s request for preliminary and final platapproval for amended plat of lots 1, 2  and 3 of the Redstone SeventhAddition, for the proposed development to create two duplex lots. MeghanThoreau, representing the Pinedale Planning and Zoning Board, reported theboard recommended the approval of the plat. Motion by Heuck to approve thepreliminary and final plat of lots 1, 2 and 3 of the Redstone Seventh Additionto the Town of Pinedale and the creation of lots 9, 10, 11 and 12 with R-4  zoning. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Mark Eatinger, representing Rio Verde Engineering, presentedNorth Sky’s, LLC, request for preliminary and final plat approval for the NorthSky Addition for the proposed development of property to create a lot for thenew Bureau of Land Management building. Meghan Thoreau, representing thePinedale Planning and Zoning Board, reported the board recommended the approvalof the plat. After discussion, motion by Heuck to approve the preliminaryand final plat of the North Sky Addition subject to a proper letter of creditin the amount of $80,000. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Meghan Thoreau, Pinedale Planning and Zoning administrator,gave an update on the town shop/dog pound project.
Mayor Skinner gave a public thank you to all of hercouncilmembers and the town, adding she loved her job and was going to miss it.
Aaron Seehafter, representing Rio Verde Engineering, gave anupdate on the Sublette Avenue Sewer and Water Project, the Sublette AvenueValley Pan Project and the Tyler Avenue Waterline Project. Seehafer gave anupdate on the lift station and generator that is being installed in the FavazzoWest Subdivision. 
Lil Penton, representing the Pinedale Airport Board,discussed the activities of the airport. Motion by Carlson to approveResolution 2006-04, a resolution authorizing the execution and delivery of acontract for the salvage and removal of a two-story house from a tract of landlocated in the NW1/4NE1/4 of Section 26, T.33N., R.109 W. of the P.M., SubletteCounty, Wyoming. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Afterdiscussion, motion by Heuck to consent to the assignment of the lease forhangar lot 2 from Drilltech, Inc. to Zane White at the Wenz Field. Motionseconded. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Boyce to consent to astandard form sign space lease for a five-year term to Missy Knopic, realtor,as soon as available. Motion seconded. Motion carriedunanimously.  Penton discussed the storage building to be relocated at theairport from parcel 24. Motion by Heuck to approve the structural designdrawings and specifications as submitted and authorize the mayor to execute anddeliver a letter to the Sublette County Zoning Administrator to this effect.Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.  Motion by Heuck toauthorize the Pinedale Airport Board to proceed with the construction of the concretefoundation and slabs at the terminal area as the site for the storage buildingto be moved and to pursue an increase of the WYDOT grant for the project. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Council accepted the PinedaleAirport Board Treasurer’s Report.
Motion by Heuck to approve budget resolution 2006-03, aresolution amending the annual budget for the fiscal year ending June 30,2006. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
After discussion, motion by Miriam Carlson to pursue findingfunding for a sidewalk from Proactive Rehabilitation to the SubletteCenter. Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Carlson to appoint Steve Smith as the votingdelegate at the WAM Convention and David Smith as the alternate. Motionseconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Tony Steele, representing 440 South Sublette Avenue,discussed his concerns and complaints with the construction of Sublette Avenue:there no longer proper drainage at his corner, his driveway being damaged sincethe chip-sealed street was torn up and cracks in his foundation. AaronSeehafer, representing Rio Verde Engineering, stated he would inspect the area.Motion by Heuck to go into executive session for pending litigation. Motionseconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Heuck to return to regular session. Motionseconded. Motion carried unanimously. After lengthy discussion, motion by Heuckto approve ordinance 389, the Annual Appropriation Ordinance for the fiscalyear ending June 30, 2007, as discussed on the first reading. Motionseconded. Motion carried unanimously.
After discussion, motion by Heuck to sign the managementrepresentation letter with Lovelett, Skogen and Associates, P.C. for the town’saudits, years ending June 30, 2004 and 2005. Motion seconded. Motion carriedunanimously.
The following bills were presented for payment:
WYDOT 799.70; Pinedale Roundup 216.00; Rio Verde Engineering22,491.09; Pindale Auto Supply 260.59; Office Outlet 634.15; Waterworks, Inc5,161.00; A to Z Hardware 188.34; Pinedale Natural Gas, Inc 1,472.82; PacificPower 6,007.11; Big J’s Auto Parts 752.68; Union Telephone 107.36; CenturyTel946.07;  Faler’s General Store 318.45; Sweetwater Co Health Services520.00; Casper Star Tribune 33.68; U S Postal Service 1,210.05; Rose Skinner479.86; ATCO 295.40; Conoco, Inc 23.45; Pinedale Volunteer Fire Dept.902.78;Western Plains Machinery Co  266.81; Cowboy Shop 195.00; Country LaneGroceries & Gas  374.03; C C Distributing 348.96; Ralph E Wood3,468.75;,LLC 79.95; Parkway Plaza 110.00; Galls, Inc 181.09;Safety Supply & Sign Co, Inc 591.17; Pinedale Fine Arts 909.56; AmericanLinen 75.14; R&E Computer Service 2,072.00; Sublette Examiner 553.50;Lathrop Feed & Equipment 598.80; Ace Industrial Supply 166.68; Dire WolfStudios 825.00; Rocky Mountain Wash 24.30; D A Screening 50.00; BW CottontreeInn 60.00; DPC Industries 1,486.33; Mary Sour 80.00; Stantec Construction15,807.97;  Cakes Galore & Much More 65.00; Wind River Web ServicesLLC  25.00; Pinedale Sinclair 1,915.17; Wilson Bros. Construction530,709.62; Forstrom, Wayne 1,100.00; Lovelett, Skogen & Associates1,625.00; Hydro Construction 454,988.70; Waxie Sanitary Supply  41.18;Rendezvous Pointe 72.00; Wise Connections 15.15; Café On Pine 500.00; StewartEnvironmental 89.00; Watchguard Security Systems 6,300.00; Sublink Stage362.00; Joseph and Terri Doal 151.50; $ Winds Dental Center 235.95; DeborahBallard 151.50; Crume Keirson 151.50; Workers’ Compensation 276.19.
Motion by Heuck to pay the bills as presented.  Motionseconded.  Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Heuck to adjourn.  Motion seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m..
Rose Skinner
Patty Racich 
Published in the Sublette Examiner June 8, 2006.

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