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Volume 5, Number 7 - May 12, 2005
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Disposal of medical waste discussed

by Bill Boender

The Sublette County Rural Health Care District Board met Monday, May 9, in Marbleton in regular session, continuing discussions of the search for doctors and the construction of new clinics.

The schedule for temporary doctors to work through September is almost filled and Dr. Judy Boyle has offered to help fill openings. Interviews are scheduled with applicants for the permanent positions. Hiring continues to fill open positions in billing and scheduling for the Marbleton clinic.

The final inventory and inspection of equipment at the Marbleton clinic was completed and a check issued to Dr. David Burnett for that inventory. A policy for rental of equipment to Wyoming Range Medical was discussed and will be worked out between Burnett and Randall Johnson, director for the board.

"There will be some bumps in the road, but we can work it out." Burnett said.

A contract for disposal of medical waste was reviewed by the board and discussed at length. A private company will charge $103 per pickup at each clinic plus a charge of $52 per barrel of waste. Medical waste has gone to the landfill in the past, along with other trash, as Sublette County has no policy regarding handling of hazardous medical waste products.

Burnett said: "You are right to be proactive. You need to indoctrinate people with policy so that only proper items go into this waste."

Regarding Teton County trash at the landfill, Burnett added that, "Some of the stuff you're getting from Jackson is frightening."

Board Member Garry Eiden objected to the contract, stating: "You're paying for something you don't have in black and white and that may not be necessary. We don't know how often they will come or how much it will cost."

The Pinedale Emergency Medical Service again asked that arrangements be made for expanding quarters for overnight stays at the Pinedale Ambulance Barn, where there is a need for separate facilities for male and female employees. No solution was found, with Board Chairman Jerry Jensen commenting: "For the short go, somebody has to give. We'll have new quarters, but need to adjust for awhile."

The subject of clinic construction was not discussed, except for a comment from Jensen that: "We have no idea what the county commissioners are doing. It's kind of in their ballpark now."

Retired engineer Bill Schertz again addressed the board concerning construction plans and was told by Jensen that the board resented Schertz "going behind our backs to the county commissioners."

Board Member Mary Lynn Worl added, "I wish you would respect our decisions."

Schertz responded: "As a taxpayer, I have every right to go to the county commissioners. They have listened to me respectfully."

Worl replied: "I have done my own research regarding clinic construction. When we get down to the nitty-gritty, I will be able to consider the factors you mention."

Community meetings in Pinedale and Big Piney/Marbleton to air the subject of one or two clinics have been proposed but are not yet scheduled.

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