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Richardson development denied

by Cat Urbigkit

The Sublette County Commission meeting room filled Tuesday afternoon for the commission's consideration of four planning and zoning items.

With Commission Chair Betty Fear absent Tuesday, Bill Cramer and John Linn handled the county business. The crowd attended for only one of the four items - the Pine Creek West subdivision proposed by Jack and Cecilia Richardson.

The Richardsons proposed to rezone 60 acres from agricultural to residential zoning with a 6,000-square-foot minimum lot size. County zoning administrator Darlene Staley said the development proposal calls for the creation of quarter-acre lots with town water and sewer.

The proposal came before the county commission without a recommendation because the county P&Z board was split on the issue.

Steven Roberts, representing the Richardsons, outlined the development plans. He noted that 12 acres of the 60-acre proposal would be used for recreational vehicle storage, a park, walking path and buffer area.

The first phase of the master plan for development calls for creation of 38 lots on 16 acres. The second phase of the proposal calls for 46 lots on 15 acres. The final phases of the development call for 60 lots in 17 acres.

Pine Creek area resident Peggy Winters spoke against the proposal, as did her husband, Carl, and son Kelly.

Dan Farrand said what Richardson is asking for is the county to give him $7-8 million in revenue.

"He doesn't care what's good for the county," Farrand said, but is interested in making money.

Several area residents spoke about the need to get traffic off Tyler Avenue and spoke in favor of opening up a southern access route that would tie into Highway 191.

"The proposed density change is wrong for Sublette County," said Gil Winters.

Pam Kirkpatrick said she is also very opposed to the high density housing as proposed.

Both county commissioners attending Tuesday's session said they couldn't support the Richardson proposal at this time.

Commissioner Bill Cramer said he doesn't live in the area, but does drive on Tyler Avenue and understands the traffic issue.

"If we allow this to go, it is going to create a situation that is bad already and make it worse," Cramer said, suggesting that some other access is needed. Although Richardson suggested in a letter that such a forced move would be "blackmail," Cramer said such an item would be needed for the higher density proposal.

Cramer noted all that the Richardsons are after at this point is a zone change.

"I can't support the rezone at this time," Cramer said, citing the traffic and access as his problem with the proposal. Cramer noted that the high density portion of the proposal isn't an issue with him.

Commissioner John Linn said, "This density thing is coming." Traffic is a separate issue that must be dealt with, Linn said.

"I'm not for forcing Jack to make an easement across his property," Linn said, citing the need to protect private property rights as well.

"Higher density closer to town is a reality," Linn said, also suggesting that this are needs to become a part of the Town of Pinedale.

Linn and Cramer voted to deny the rezone application.

The commission approved the preliminary and final plats forthe 7 Lazy 77 Subdivision in which 43 acres will be divided into two tracts under the county's minor subdivision regulation.

The commission approved the final plat for the Sand Draw Industrial Site second filing to create 36 lots on 155 acres with heavy industrial zoning.

The commission approved a zone change for Bill and Ann Barney to rezone 10.04 acres from agricultural to rural residential, five-acre minimum.

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