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Volume 5, Number 4 - April 21, 2005
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Doctor search goes on

by Bill Boender

The Sublette County Rural Health Care Board met in special session Monday in Marbleton to hear a report from the search committee regarding applications for physician and support personnel at the Marbleton Clinic. Joan Mitchell reported that three temporary physicians had been interviewed and could be available for part-time coverage but would need four to six weeks to obtain the required licenses to practice. One could work one week a month, another would work two weeks on and two weeks off, while the third could be available full time.

The committee also has a list of six doctors interested in operating the clinic full time. The board asked the committee to move forward with interviews as soon as possible with both temporary and full-time applicants, authorizing them to pay travel expenses as needed.

Dr. Darcy Turner attended the meeting and confirmed that the Wyoming Range Medical Group would provide emergency care on a 24-hour basis along with their regular service to existing and new patients at their facility in Marbleton. The agreement to provide that service will be in effect for the next six weeks and could be renewed if necessary.

The board discussed the problems of housing and managing operations, but could not firm up a plan. Board Member Bill Barney said, "As we stumble forward, we will discover what can work." Barney suggested moving slowly in deciding how to operate the clinic to avoid creating problems. Chairman Jerry Jensen commented: "This is crunch time. We need to start making decisions and do something."

The second part of the meeting concerned the Pinedale Medical Clinic and the need for additional office space. Applications for a building permit and a variance for roof pitch have been submitted to Pinedale planning and zoning. A deposit of $2,500 will be sent to secure the building in question until approval is obtained.

Director Randy Johnson advised the board that Dr. Judy Boyle has located a physician to replace Dr. Constantinides when his contract expires in July. Johnson asked the board if they wished to contract directly with this physician or if that position should remain as an employee of Boyle. The board agreed that no change was needed under the continuing contract with Boyle. Johnson also advised the board that Boyle has some ideas to share about how future contracts might be changed to improve working arrangements.

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