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LaBarge Creek, Boulder roads discussed

by Cat Urbigkit

Sublette County Commissioners met in Pinedale Tuesday, Dec. 6, with the first order of business being road issues.

County Road Superintendent Butch Penton told the commissionthat the pilings have been driven for the new bridge on Mathis Lane, so that project is moving forward.

Providing an update on various road projects, Penton said, "we've got plenty to do," with screening and plowing.

The commission discussed the possibility of altering a dangerous section of the County Road 110, the East Green River Road, and Pentons aid he would pursue the matter.

Commission Chair Betty Fear said the county needs to consider what roads and road sections really need work, suggesting that the commission needs to prioritize the work.

"This one is a no-brainer, I guarantee it," Commissioner John Linn said.

The commission approved a resolution to alter the Pocket Creek Road to relocate the road away from Doc Jensen's ranch yard.

Linn pointed out that the county went to a lot of time and money to improve the road for the Jensens, adding that he hoped that the county's efforts will be noted and returned by the Jensens in considering the county's desire to have a bridge installed across the New Fork River through the Jensen's property on Paradise Road.

Commissioner Bill Cramer said Lincoln County Commissioners recently asked him about progress toward a resolution on the LaBarge Creek Road.

Fear said that she has been in contact with both County Surveyor Paul Scherbel and Michael Schrotz of the Bridger-Teton National Forest about the road. She said that the county has applied for a right-of-way for the state parcel.

"Then we're waiting on everybody else," Fear said.

Scherbel said he hopes to report more progress on the road at the commission's next meeting in Marbleton. He said the plan is for the county to adopt the portions of the road that traverse both the BLM-administered and state-owned portions of road, and will then worry about obtaining the other easements.

Fear said she believes that several other private property owners will provide the county with easements for the road through their properties, although probably not for the Harrower property.

"I told them you were working on it," Cramer said to Scherbel.

Fear said Lincoln County's concern is that it is able to take care of the snowmachine parking lot on the road.

"That will get them there," Fear said.

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