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Reporter's Notes

WG&F meeting

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission will meet at the agency's Casper regional office on April 26 and 27. On the agenda for Tuesday, April 26 is an update on the state's domestic/bighorn sheep working group report, as well as a drought update. The last item of business on Wednesday will be the presentation of the special report on the grizzly bear occupancy proposal.

On Wednesday, April 27, the commission will hear updates on the strategic plan and the comprehensive wildlife conservation strategy and will also discuss general hunting regulations for a variety of species.

How many Daniel wolves remain?

In the most recent wolf status report for the Northern Rockies, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service addressed the federal control effort that resulted in the killing of five wolves in the Daniel wolf pack a few weeks ago.

FWS killed the five wolves after three confirmed cattle depredations occurred in one week on private property. Over the last three years, the Daniel pack has been involved in 21 confirmed depredations and 20 additional probable depredations in an area full of cattle and sheep grazing on private property and public allotments, the federal agency reported.

So are there any wolves left in the Daniel Pack? FWS reported: "As far as we know the pack no longer exists, but some wolves may still be in the area. Estimating the exact size of any wolf pack can be difficult and depends on the pack's sight-ability, time of year, and how often it is monitored."

FWS noted that the number of wolves in a pack fluctuates throughout the year. In 2003, the Daniel pack consisted of 18-19 wolves. Over the next two years, 17 Daniel pack wolves died. Two adult wolves and one pup died in capture-related control efforts; one adult wolf and three sub-adult wolves were found dead; five wolves were killed in two separate control actions in 2004; and five wolves were killed in a control action in 2005.

FWS reported that throughout the winter of 2004-2005, local residents reported seeing six or seven wolves in the area, but during the recent control action, no other wolves were seen.

FWS concluded: "In saying the Daniel pack was eliminated by control does not mean there are not other wolves in the Daniel or Big Piney areas - there probably are some individuals or soon will be. FWS will continue to monitor the area for other wolves. We appreciate and depend on wolf reports from the public and our agency cooperators to detect new wolves - please help. Thanks."

Pesticide trainings scheduled

There will be two pesticide applicator license trainings held in Sublette County. The trainings allow individuals to acquire a license so they may purchase and use restricted-use pesticides. There are probably hundreds of restricted-use pesticides. Relatively few have application in Sublette County. The most commonly used restricted use compounds include tordon and wood preservatives, though there are others people may occasionally use.

The Sublette County Extension Office, along with the Sublette County Weed and Pest District, will be providing certification clinics that offer the requisite training requirements to renew or acquire the license. The certification clinics will require about two-and-a-half hours, and will begin at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26, in Pinedale at the extension office (621 South Pine street - Mortenson/Stevens building) or Wednesday, April 27, in Big Piney at the Sublette County Fairgrounds in the small office building.

This clinic will work for either recertification or initial certification.

Questions concerning the training can be answered at the Sublette County Extension Office at 367-4380 or 276-3301.

Shearer to be in county

The Woolgrowers Association of Sublette County would like to notify all persons who have sheep, llama or alpaca that a shearer will be in Sublette County the week of April 25. If you would like your sheep sheared or want more information please contact Joe Sampson at 367-6888, Cassy Johnston at 537-5458 or Nancy Hanson at 276-3865.

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