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Volume 5, Number 27 - September 29, 2005
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Health care board discusses paid service

by Bill Boender

The Sublette County Rural Health Care Board met Monday, Sept. 26, in Pinedale with all members present except Bill Barney and began the meeting with election of officers for the new term. A motion to retain all officers in their existing positions was approved.

The board then had a long discussion about the possibility of making the emergency medical service system a fully paid service rather than utilizing volunteers. In recent weeks the services have had difficulty in scheduling crews, especially for the 6 p.m. to midnight shift. Some crews have been on duty for as many as 15 hours.

The board asked the two services to discuss the issue with their members and come back to the board at their next meeting with a proposal to resolve the problem. The board also asked them to determine how many additional full-time paid positions would be needed for full coverage.

Bids for the stress test machine were discussed and the single bid of $2,000 from Wyoming Range Medical Group was rejected as it did not meet the $6,500 minimum. Board Member Garry Eiden then announced that he had gathered donations in the amount of $4,500 to add to the only bid so that the unit could stay in service in the community. That offer was accepted by the board.

The Pinedale Medical Clinic office building is still not in use, but final details are being handled so that the application can be sent to the state fire marshal within the next few weeks.

Director Randy Johnson presented meeting notes to the board from the recent visit by the architects and advised that they will return in mid-October to continue the planning process for construction of the new ambulance barn and new clinics.

Retired engineer Bill Schertz and Sublette County Commissioner John Linn will attend those meetings to offer input to the final design selection. The board recommended that the architects be asked to consider alternate construction methods so that options are available in the event of building material shortages over the coming months.

Johnson also asked the board to consider a request from nurse practitioner Sandra Roberts for a $15,000 buy-out of her contract so that she could work directly for the board. Roberts offered a six-month guarantee of service in exchange for the buy-out. Board Member Mary Lynn Worl suggested a longer commitment might be in order. The matter will be taken under advisement until the next meeting.

Due to legal issues, the board agreed to cancel the employee 403b plan and replace it with a similar 457 plan administered through the Wyoming state retirement system. This plan will be available to all employees, including volunteers.

The board then adjourned to executive session to consider potential property purchases for the Marbleton Clinic.

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