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Volume 5, Number 25 - September 15, 2005
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Clinic designs reviewed

by Cat Urbigkit

The Sublette County Rural Health Care District Board met in Marbleton Monday evening, opening the single bid on the stress test machine the district had offered for sale, with a suggested minimum bid of $6,500, which District Director Randy Johnson noted is half the purchase price. However, the minimum bid received for the four-year old machine totaled $2,000 from Wyoming Range Medical. The bid letter noted that the bid was less than the board had asked, adding that the board has sold used equipment at less than market valuein the past, and that if Wyoming Range Medical acquired the machine, it would be used on citizens of the district.

Board Member Walt Bousman noted, "The precedent of selling used equipment at less than market value is a precedent I'd like to see ended."

Board Member Garry Eiden Sr. asked, "How would you stop it, haul it to the dump?"

Bousman responded, "It wouldn't hurt to sit on it."

The board discussed advertising statewide to seek additional bids, as well as posting the machine on E-Bay, but in the end tabled the matter until its next meeting. Johnson was instructed to contact Wyoming Range Medical to learn the company's interest in meeting the minimum bid. If this bid levelis reached, the board won't pursue other bidders.

The board discussed progress on its building projects, noting that the architects had met with medical personnel and emergency medical technicians to discuss the designs. Johnson noted that he also needs to organize meetings with the architects for Sublette County Commissioner John Linn and Pinedale resident Bill Schertz so that they can be involved in the review. Schertz has served as a watchdog for the district's building plans as an interested citizen. Schertz's insistence in being involved in the planning process has been somewhat of an irritant to board members, but when questioned by county commissioners, Johnson pledged that Schertz would be given the opportunity to provide input.

When Johnson raised the issue Monday night, Board MemberBill Barney noted that Linn and Schertz shouldn't be treated in the same way because their roles are different.

Linn is a county commissioner and the county is providing funding for the building projects, Barney said, so "he's a player," while Schertz "is an observer with ideas."

Johnson said he was treating the two men as a set that could possibly be accommodated at one time. He said it was his intention "to make good on a promise" rather than "a blow-off meeting basically."

Johnson said he intended to ask Schertz to present his viewson either the clinic design or the ambulance barn design, or see if Schertz intended to present ideas on both issues.

Most of Schertz's work and ideas have focused on the clinic designs, not ambulance facility designs, Johnson noted.

Bousman noted that since the emergency medical technicians had presented their ideas, "now is the time for these guys to bring forth their ideas."

Barney said Linn needs to be invited to participate and Schertz could attend, "But John needs to be treated differently."

"He's a player rather than someone who is bringing ideas to the party," Barney said. "Those are two fundamentally different functions."

Board Chairman Jerry Jensen said he agreed with Barney an dinstructed Johnson to contact Schertz, noting that this will be Schertz's "one shot to present his ideas."

Board Member Mary Lynn Worl said this is actually Schertz's"second shot," adding, "We're just not going to continue to do this."

Johnson reminded the board that the Marbleton clinic can't move forward without having the site tied down. The board adjourned into executive session to discuss property acquisition.

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