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Mill levies set

by Cat Urbigkit

On Tuesday, Sublette County Commissioners set various mill levies for both the overall county budget and for special districts. The county general budget was set at 12 mills. That level of taxation will generate $2.9 billion. Last year, 12 mills generated $2.039 billion.

The Sublette County Rural Health Care District's mill levy was set at two mills. That means the district will receive $12,557,634, up from last year's $8,169,803.

"You'd think for 12 million they could get their number in the Marbleton phone book," Commissioner John Linn said. Linn was referring to the fact that the new CenturyTel telephone book does not include a listing for the RHCD's Marbleton-Big Piney Clinic.

This year's weed and pest district budget dropped by about $90,000 from last year to $800,080.

Various special improvement districts had levies set as requested. Hoback Ranches generated $73,700 last year with its eight mills. It is taxing eight mills again this year, which will generate $82,500. Boulder Lake's eight mills will generate $10,042, up from $8,655 last year. The Redstone/Upper Green River district is taxing eight mills, for a budget of $7,400. Meadow Canyon Estates' eight mills will generate $9,500. Shelter Park's taxation varies by owner; all owners will be taxed $9.75 per month for sewer service; some property owners will also pay $12.13 per month for debt service.

The county now has three mosquito abatement districts. No. 1, which is the Pinedale area, is taxing $20 per resident. No. 2, in the Big Piney area, is taxing $140.33 per household. The newly formed Boulder district is taxing $25 per landowner plus $2.50 per acre.

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