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Volume 5, Number 16 - July 14, 2005
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Rendezvous weekend ends with 21 arrests

by Janet Montgomery

While there weren't 46 or 78 arrests made over the Rendezvous weekend, Sublette County Sheriff Bardy Bardin said that 21 arrests were made, 14 on Friday followed by seven on Saturday.

Bardin said that it was a pretty usual Rendezvous, not overly rowdy or very quiet, although Friday was a little high for arrests, with 14.

"People wanted to fight a little more than usual," he said, adding that it was nothing aggravated, mostly "a punch in the nose and eye."

Overall, Bardin said, "We had a good time."

Bardin also noted that he received several compliments regarding the on-duty deputies this past weekend as well as the number of deputies out.

"(People) were glad to see the numbers out at night," he said.

SCSO put 12 deputies on duty for longer, 12-hour shifts for the rendezvous festivities.

In all, SCSO had reports of three fights, three public intoxications, two assaults, two harassments, one family fight, four accidents with property damage, four driving under the influence charge, one hit and run, two alcohol offenses, 11 Reddi Reports and 21 citizen assists.

As his first Rendezvous weekend in the sheriff's role, Bardin said it was a little hard for him to sit back and let the others do the work he used to do, with Lieutenant Hayes Randol filling his former role and Jim Whinnery taking the position of undersheriff.

"If you've got good horses, you give them their head and let them go to work," he said.

Overall, Bardin said it has been a smooth transition into the new office, thanks, in large part, to those he with whom works.

"I can't say how much I like these folks who work here," Bardin said. "It's been a very easy transition."

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