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Volume 4, Number 7 - May 13, 2004
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Public Notices

YOU ARE HERBY NOTIFIED that a petition has been filed with the District Court of Sublette County, Wyoming, Ninth Judicial District, Probate No. 1892, wherein the petitioner seeks to have certain probate proceedings conducted in the District Court of the State of Colorado, County of Arapahoe, Probate Case No. 02 PR 0397, in the estate of Myrle F. Hoffman, deceased, who became deceased on March 12, 2002, admitted in this court as a probate of said estate by this court. You are further notified that said petition has been set for hearing before this court at 10 a.m. on the 21st day of May, 2004, at the Sublette County Courthouse, Sublette County, Wyoming, and unless objection is made to this court on or before said time and date, this court will enter an order admitting certified copies of said proceedings to record in the court, pursuant to W.S. 2-11-201.
Dated this 30th day of April, 2004.
/s/ Marilyn M. Jensen, Clerk of Court
Published in the Sublette Examiner May 6, 13 and 20, 2004.

Dear Land Owners:
The Pine Creek No. 1 Enlargement of the Lee Ditch, which runs through or adjacent to your property, is owned by, and appurtenant to the land that it irrigates. The ownership of the ditch also includes the ownership of an easement to go onto the property immediately adjacent to the ditch for the purposes of cleaning and maintenance including depositing debris removed from the ditch. Unfortunately, many landowners, particularly new ones, do not understand that ditch rights extend beyond the banks of the ditch itself, and because of that, through ignorance, construct improvements that encroach upon the easement area. Generally speaking this easement area extends for approximately fifty feet on each side of the bank of the ditch. Additionally, where the ditch is above or on a slope, excavation below the ditch which will endanger its integrity is not permissible even though more than fifty feet from the bank.
Sometimes in the past, because of the scarcity of property owners involved, the ditch owners have permitted encroachments by way of real estate improvements or otherwise. Unfortunately, that can no longer be tolerated. If a landowner erects an improvement within the easement area that interferes with ditch access and cleaning, the ditch owners will have to take legal action to force removal of that improvement. Needless to say, that causes the landowner the loss of use of his improvement and imposes the additional expense of removal, not to mention any legal fees that may be involved in the process. The ditch owners prefer to be good neighbors and to simply notify people to the extent possible about the potential for a problem before it develops. Please plan your development to avoid encroachment, and we in turn will make our cleaning and maintenance operation as unobtrusive as possible.
At this time of year, many landowners adjacent of the ditch find it convenient to use water from the ditch by various means (pumps, siphons, ditches and various pipes). Use of such conveyances is unlawful and the Pine Creek Ditch Association Members ask you to voluntarily remove any such equipment from the ditch as soon as possible.
Thank you for your cooperation. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions.
The Pine Creek Ditch Association Members
President - Paul C. Hagenstein
Post Office Box E
Pinedale, Wyo., 82941
Published in the Sublette Examiner May 13, 2004.

State of Wyoming )
County of Sublette )
In the County Court of Sublette County, Wyoming
John V. Crow, County Court Judge
Dennis L. Dohrmann,
Judgement Creditor,
Loree Marcene Pearce,
Judgement Debtor.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale
The undersigned having levied upon goods and chattels described by virtue of an Execution dated March 19, 2004, from Sublette County Court, in action wherein Cowboy Court, Dennis L. Dohrmann, is Judgement Creditor, and Loree Marcene Pearce, is Judgement Debtor, shall sell at public sale to the highest bidder and best bidder, for cash, at the Sublette County Road and Bridge Yard, 12 South Bench Road, Pinedale, WY 82941 at 10 a.m. on Friday, May 21, 2004, the following chattel, to wit:
One (1) 1990 Toyota Camry, VIN#JT2SV21W3L0338207
The property may be seen at Sublette County Road and Bridge Yard, 12 South Bench Road, Pinedale, Wyo., the morning of the sale date, one hour prior to sale time.
/s/ Hank Ruland, Sheriff
Published in the Sublette Examiner May 13 and 20, 2004.

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