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Aullman reflects on session

As the Wyoming Legislature begins winding down from its session, last week Governor Dave Freudenthal signed several more bills into law.

Among the new laws is HB203, sponsored by Representative Kathy Davison and Senator Stan Cooper, known as the grizzly bear relocation notice. It requires that county officials be notified when a grizzly bear is relocated by wildlife officials within that county.

SF60, the split estate bill, was signed into law as well.

SF49, the temporary water use bill, also known as Rose's Bill because it would establish a de facto instream flow for Pine Creek, died last week.

Senator Pat Aullman, serving her first legislative session, reflected on successes so far: "One was getting through my first session and feeling good about the learning experiences. I found that the whole legislative process is very fascinating and I have truly enjoyed it. I have had some of my bills and files that I have introduced pass and some have failed, but that is all right, for I have figured out other ways to approach them next time. I won't give up on them."

Not all of the bills Aullman sponsored did well. Senate File 125 on frivolous lawsuits and SF165 regarding the loss of chance doctrine, both failed.

"Some of my successful bills that I got to introduce to the Senate floor were HB142, and143, which were both on incorporation of municipalities, and HB170, the Commonsense Consumption act, or what was known as the 'cheeseburger bill,' " Aullman said. "I was happy that I got to help to get this bill through. It was on protecting restaurants and food producers (like cattle ranchers) from frivolous lawsuits on long-term obesity."

Aullman continued: "The thing that has frustrated me the most is the lack of support in trying to solve the medical health crisis in Wyoming. When an Amendment D failed, our ability to help in solving the high costs in our doctors malpractice insurance became very restrictive. A lot of bills and files that were introduced on the floor failed, making it ever harder to solve. The problem is that while we are working on the problem, the doctors are leaving and I'm afraid it will get worse before it gets better."

Aullman said: "Overall, I have found the whole experience positive. I know that I have voted on things that some have disagreed on, but I have done what I thought to be best. I have tried to support the towns, cities and counties, and did what I could for our teachers, but more needs to be done. Besides being on the labor and revenue committees, I have been put on the Select Water Committee, and I am excited about that."

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