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Reporter's Notes

Wolf Reclassification

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said it is disappointed with a federal judge's ruling that strikes down the rule that downlisted gray wolf populations from endangered to threatened in the Western and Eastern U.S.

"We believe our rule provided for biologically sound management of the core population of wolves in areas where we knew they could thrive as stable, viable populations," FWS said in a press release. "We also believe the rule was correct as a matter of law under the Endangered Species Act. We are currently studying the court's opinion and working with the attorneys at the Department of Justice to better understand its implications and determine our future course of action."

Tuesday's decision does not effect wolf management in the tri-state Yellowstone region, where wolves are listed as a 10(j) rule experimental population. But other areas of the Northern Rockies will be impacted. According to FWS: "Since the wolves are now listed as endangered instead of threatened, the full prohibitions under the ESA will apply. Consequently, private landowners and states will no longer be able to harm, harass, or kill wolves depredating livestock."

Wolf conference

The Wyoming Animal Damage Management Board is hosting a symposium about wolves on March 14 - 16. The conference will be held at the Sheridan Holiday Inn.

"L iving with W0lves: Conflict resolution and management strategies" will be the focus of the conference.

Management of wolves is on the forefront of Wyoming's future. Experts from across the United States and Canada will share their wolf management approaches and offer guidance on how to better manage the wolves of Wyoming.

Call Hank Uhden at the Wyoming Department of Agriculture for more information at 307-777-6433.

Jonah EIS

The draft environmental impact statement for the Jonah II natural gas field infill development is slated for release to the public on Feb. 11, according to the Bureau of Land Management. The document should be available for public access on the BLM's Pinedale field office website that day as well.

Beef barn

Sublette County Clerk Mary Lankford talked with Sublette County Commissioners about the roof collapse at the beef barn addition at the fairgrounds. Lankford said in talking with the insurance company, which also represents the contractor, it appears the contractor wants to re-do the job.

"If he wants to come in and make it good, that's fine," Lankford said, noting that the construction was undertaken last summer.

Board appointment

John Copeland was appointed to the Big Piney slot on the Sublette County Weed and Pest Control District by the Sublette County Commission.

Leadership institute

Eric Peterson spoke with Sublette County Commissioners on Tuesday about the Sublette County Leadership Institute. The commission agreed to send a letter of support to accompany a copy of a meeting agenda inviting members of local boards to a meeting to discuss participation in the institute. The letter, as Peterson said, serves as "a velvet prod" to current members of county boards and civil groups and organizations in requesting their participation in this leadership learning opportunity.

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