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Health care board to advertise for EMT position

by Bill Boender

The Sublette County Rural Health Care Board met in a special session Monday, Jan. 17, to discuss emergency medical technician wage rates and interview one of the candidates for the director position.

Dr. Judy Boyle attended and urged the board to quickly address the wage issue and communicate with those involved. Boyle supported the requested increase in pay of 8.5 percent, due to the rising cost of living in Sublette County, stating, "We are at a crisis point in our ability to provide emergency services."

Board Member Mary Lynn Worl responded that the board had addressed the issue by granting an increase at the last meeting, bringing wages in line with Teton County, which has the highest rate in the state. Worl said they are also studying the benefit package and possible additional wage adjustments.

Board Member Bill Barney commented that the issue is not cost of living but is instead labor-force issues that are driving the problem. There are short-term higher paying positions in the gas field which compete for people available.

Barney said: "Putting pressure to do it now only delays the process. We need to avoid brinkmanship."

Boyle responded: "This is not brinkmanship. It's been a long-standing issue."

She urged the board to set a time by which a solution would be offered and to advise Wil Gay of that date to see if he would wait until that date to decide if he stays or goes.

Chairman Jerry Jensen advised Boyle that the board would advertise Gay's position as available until it is filled. If Gay wishes to apply for the position he resigned, that would be fine.

The board adjourned to executive session for an interview with one of four candidates for the directors' position. Two more candidates will be interviewed over the next few weeks before one is selected for an offer of employment.

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