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Reporter's Notes

Rendezvous Pointe

Members of the citizen committee that has overseen the construction project for the Rendezvous Pointe Senior Center spoke with Sublette County Commissioners Tuesday about their concerns for the new building.

Mary Lynn Worl led the delegation in explaining that while everybody is thrilled to have a building of this size available for use, there are a number of items that have not been completed or not been corrected, as well as having some equipment installed that is not up to snuff.

The building project has been ongoing for about four years and the building has been occupied since September.

Commission Chairman Betty Fear told the group that it needs to have the building's architect and builder at a meeting to discuss the punch list for the building's completion. The commission agreed to arrange such a meeting.

Erramouspe Road

Senator Pat Aullman spoke with Sublette County Commissioners Tuesday to learn of the county's legislative priorities, since the 58th Wyoming Legislature will convene next week in Cheyenne.

Commissioner Bill Cramer told Aullman the history of the Erramouspe Road and the county's struggle to help the Erramouspe family gain legal access to their ranch using a road that has been in existence since before the Bureau of Land Management came into existence.

Cramer told Aullman that the problem is that Wyoming statutes don't specifically deal with roads crossing public lands and asked that she support legislation to make this change to state statutes.

"This is the easiest solution to the problem in my mind," Cramer told Aullman.

Commission Chair Betty Fear told Aullman that another priority is legislation to provide a county option for homestead exemptions to allow counties to chose to provide tax relief to homeowners.

Barlow busted

This spring, John Perry Barlow is expected to stand trial on five misdemeanor drug charges in San Mateo Superior Court in California, according to an article in the San Jose Mercury News.

Barlow was arrested at the San Francisco International Airport in September 2003 when a baggage screener allegedly found small amounts of marijuana and hallucinogens in an Advil bottle in Barlow's checked luggage. After his arrest, law enforcement officials allegedly found ketamine, hypodermic needles and ecstasy in Barlow's possessions.

Barlow's arguments that he was the subject of an unconstitutional search and seizure did not go over well with a judge last month. According to Barlow's website, "contraband that is illegally discovered does not legally exist," but the judge ruled that the search was reasonable, so the charges will be heard.

PAWG groups to meet

The air quality task group of the Pinedale Anticline Working Group will meet at 8 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 17, in the U.S. Forest Service office, located at 29 East Fremont Lake Road in Pinedale.

The meeting agenda will include information gathering and discussion regarding monitoring of air quality impacts from oil and gas activity on the Pinedale Anticline and to determine who will do the monitoring and how it will be funded. For more information on the air quality task group meeting, contact Susan Caplan at (307)-775-6031. Her mailing address is: P.O. Box 1828, Cheyenne, Wyo., 82003; or visit her office at BLM/Air Quality TG Liaison, Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming State Office, 5353 Yellowstone Road, Cheyenne, Wyo., 82009.

The PAWG socio-economic task group will hold a public meeting from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 10, in the Lovatt room of the Sublette County Library in Pinedale.

The task group will be gathering information and discussing development of a monitoring plan, which will assess the socio-economic impacts from oil and gas development in the Pinedale Anticline gas field to the communities surrounding that field. The group is also charged with identifying who will do the monitoring and how those costs will be paid.

Task group meetings are open to the public, and recommendations are due to the PAWG in February. At a minimum, public comment will be heard just prior to adjournment at each meeting.

For more information, contact Carmel Kail in Pinedale at 307-367-3058. For more information on PAWG meetings, contact Roy Allen at the BLM's state office at (307)-775-6031.

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