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Wolves in yard

Mike Jimenez of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said in an interview Monday that he had been to Big Piney the day before Thanksgiving to visit with a landowner who had wolves frequenting his yard.

Jimenez said it was probably the Daniel pack, which has been in trouble for livestock depredations. The wolves havenít attacked anything, Jimenez said, but the homeowner was concerned because the wolves had come close to the house and barn on several occasions.

Jimenez said he gave the homeowner rubber bullets to shoot at the wolves to deter them if they come back. He said with the number of neighbors and dogs in the area, setting traps for the wolves wasnít a viable option. Jimenez said the incidents occurred six or seven miles outside of Big Piney, toward Daniel.

None of the members of the Daniel pack are sporting collars.

In other wolf news, another domestic sheep was killed near LaBarge on Nov. 22. That is three head of sheep killed by a wolf or wolf, but efforts to locate the depredating wolves have failed thus far.

To report wolf problems, call Jimenez at 307-332-7789.

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