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BLM grants exceptions

by Cat Urbigkit

The Bureau of Land Management’s stipulations for surface disturbance on big game winter ranges went into effect on Nov. 15, but the agency has granted several exceptions already, so that energy industry officials could complete existing projects.

As of Nov. 24, the BLM had granted 41 exceptions in whole or in part. Only one request was completely denied – that of Chevron to drill a well in the LaBarge Unit.

While many of the exceptions allowed companies anywhere from one to six days to finish jobs already in progress, several were for longer terms.

Shell was granted 17 days to repair cement production casing on its Riverside 8-13D well and was also granted 16 days to remove tools stuck in the wellbore of the Mesa 9-32D well.

Ultra was granted another 16 days to complete its Boulder 15-4 well, and nine to 10 extra days to complete two other Mesa wells.

Questar, with lease holdings on the Mesa big game winter range, was granted the most exceptions, with 14, ranging from one to 13 extra days. Questar was granted 13 days to drill the Stewart Point 5-17, but the company’s request for more time for completion was denied.

Anschutz was granted nine exceptions for work on the Mesa as well, including two 10-day exceptions to allow well completions on two locations, and a 10-day exception to repair casing in another well.

EOG’s request for 15 additional days for well completion on one well and 10 days on another were granted also.

Exxon received five extra days on two Tip Top wells and six days on a Hogsback well for completions.

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