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Volume 4, Number 34 - November 18, 2004
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Reporter’s Notes

Moore out at P&Z

After a 10-minute executive session with County Planner Jocelyn Moore, Moore left the Sublette County Commission meeting Tuesday and Commission Chairman Gordon Johnston promptly brought the meeting back into open session, announcing that there would be a personnel change in P&Z.

“We’re in the market for a new administrator,” Johnston said and proceeded to the next item of business.

When asked if Moore had tendered her resignation, the commission said she hadn’t, but that she would soon be vacating her office. Commission Chairman Gordon Johnston said that Moore would remain on the payroll until the end of November.

Commissioner Betty Fear said that other staff members will keep the P&Z office open and running while the county seeks a new county planner, “optimistically by Feb. 1.”

Fear said she would like to see the county do as much advertising for the position as possible: “We don’t want to hurry up and pick somebody because we have a vacancy.”

ExxonMobil tax

Sublette County Assessor Janet L. Montgomery recently received a notice of valuation change from the Wyoming Department of Revenue for ExxonMobil Corporation’s natural gas holdings in the Fogarty Creek and Lake Ridge Unit.

The state revenue agency recently changed the valuation method used, rejecting the method set forth in an old settlement agreement and replacing it with the proportionate profits method to determine fair market value for gas production for the 2003 production year. The result is a big increase in tax review for the county for the year: $756,000.

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