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Volume 4, Number 32 - November 4, 2004
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Amendment A fails!

by Cat Urbigkit

Sublette County voted overwhelmingly against Amendment A, the school recapture limitation, and it took state officials until mid-morning Wednesday to determine that the amendment had failed statewide. This was great news for Sublette County’s school districts.

The statewide vote on this issue was so close, with only a 997-vote margin, a recount is mandatory.


Amendment B – Local economic development passed in Sublette County, as it did statewide. Locally, the amendment received 1,920 votes in support, with 1,513 against.

Amendment C – Medical review panel passed in Sublette County, as it appears to have done statewide. Locally, this amendment received 1,777 votes in support and 1,738 in opposition. Once again, since the finalstatewide tally for Amendment Cwas so close, this amendment is also subject to a mandatory recount.

The Amendment D – Non-economic damages tort reform vote was close in Sublette County, with 1,752 votes in opposition, and 1,747 in support. This amendment failed statewide as well.

Burnett, Meeks & Turner

David Burnett was top vote-getter in the Sublette County School District No. 9 race, with 750 votes, followed by Kurt Meeks with 732 and Darcy Turner with 492 votes. These three were successful in their bids to garner seats on the board.

Unsuccessful candidates for the seats include Annette Priddis with 423 votes, Wayne Barlow with 371 and Glade Jones with 487 votes. Curt Parsons received 68 votes, even though he had withdrawn from the race after experiencing a job transfer out of state.

Baxley for No. 1

ML Baxley was successful in the race for an at-large seat on the board of trustees of Sublette County School District No. 1, gaining 1,480 votes to Trinni Jensen’s 770. Uncontested trustee Ann Fear received 1,995 votes for her Pinedale 2 seat, while Jim Malkowski received 1,882 for his uncontested Rural 1 seat.

Lodging tax renewed

County voters renewed the 3-percent lodging tax administered by the Sublette County Joint Tourism Promotion Board. The total vote in support was 2,102, compared to 1,482 against. Only Bondurant had the majority of its voters cast ballots against the tax, with 100-97.

Voter turnout

Sublette County had a great voter turnout for the 2004 general election, with 94 percent of registered voters casting ballots. Bondurant had the highest turnout, with 107 percent, a reflection of people registering at the polls on Tuesday. Boulder also had a high turnout, with 102 percent. The lowest in the county was 80 percent in the Marbleton North precinct.

In total, 3,718 votes were cast in Sublette County, according to the unofficial election results.


Republican Pat Aullman won the State Senate District 16 seat by a 2-1 margin, defeating Jerry Bosch. Bosch received more votes that Aullman only in Teton County, with 1,065 to Aullman’s 761. Aullman beat Bosch nearly 4-1 in Lincoln County with her 4,155 votes, compared to Bosch’s 1,142. Aullman received 1,783 Sublette County votes, while Bosch received 875.


Republican Stan Cooper of Kemmerer beat incumbent Democrat Larry Caller for the State Senate District 14 seat by a 2-1 margin, with a total of 4,983 votes, compared to Caller’s 2,492 votes.

Cooper received 690 Sublette County votes, while Caller received 133. Copper received 1,397 votes in Sweetwater County, while Caller received 1,061 votes in this, his home county. Cooper received 1,096 votes in Uinta County, with Caller getting 571 votes.


Republican John Linn of Big Piney will be Sublette County’s newest county commissioner in January. Linn received 2,776 votes, compared to Democrat Bob McCarty’s 759.

Judicial retention

Ninth Judicial District Judge Normal Young received 20,650 votes for his retention, compared to 4,605 in opposition.

Circuit Court Judge John Crow received 18,207 votes for retention and 5,715 votes opposed to his retention.

Circuit Court Judge Timothy Day received 19,656 votes for his retention, compared to 4,635 in opposition.

Circuit Court Judge Rob Denhardt received 19,367 votes for his retention, compared to 5,118 in opposition.

Cubin re-elected

Republican U.S. Representative Barbara Cubin was re-elected, getting 129,430 votes to Democrat Ted Ladd’s 98,395 votes and Libertarian Lewis Stock’s 6,504.

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