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PTI presents Sand Draw Mancamp plans

by Isabel Rucker

Sublette County residents were invited to a PTI Group Inc. open house at the Lovatt Room in the Pinedale Library on Monday, Oct. 18. Dan Sly and Dan Hauser of PTI introduced themselves, gave a slide show and opened up the floor for questions and concerns about the proposed mancamp at Sand Draw Industrial Park, “Wyoming Lodge.”

PTI is a premium camp service with temporary camps in operation throughout the world. Currently they are seeking a five-year permit for the Sand Draw area. PTI is proposing starting with 102 beds in phase one and continuing with an additional 106 beds in phase two.

PTI can set up a mobile camp in 10 days, with electricity, plumbing, heating and a fully stocked kitchen, and take it down in two days. The company leaves as little footprint as possible after dismantling the camp. If necessary, the ground is re-seeded, with new sod installed or seedlings planted.

PTI, a Canadian company, manages U.S. camps through Crown Camp Services. Both companies are part of Oil States International in Houston, Texas.

The modular dorms proposed for Sand Draw are well-made and modern. Each man will have his own room with a bed, closet, desk and large opening window. The camps provide laundry facilities and recreation rooms. PTI/Crown sends bedding out to be washed at local laundry services. Dorms and kitchens are built to fire and health codes.

Water will be pumped in from a well. After use, it will be treated with a sewage treatment system with a permit for dispersal of the effluent. The systems will be well within Department of Environmental Quality regulations, according to PTI.

Power will be from existing power located in the industrial park, and camp fuel will be propane for heat and cooking. All utilities will be underground. Sly stressed that the camps are very tidy and organized.

There are 167 proposed parking stalls for the Sand Draw camp. Men are discouraged from bringing vehicles and most are flown into Wyoming. Traffic will not increase; the men are already staying at local hotels. Once situated in the mancamp, the company renting the camp will have the opportunity to shuttle men to the fields.

Sly said, “There won’t be guys parking all over the highway.”

Sly explained that Wyoming Lodge would need 11 to 14 employees; Crown will be hiring locally for cooking and housekeeping staff. If necessary, they will search from Rock Springs to Salt Lake City, Utah. Housing would be provided for all employees.

Strict regulations on alcohol consumption discourage rowdy behavior.

“Consumption of alcohol is not permitted,” according to camp rules. Sly stressed that when the men are staying in a PTI organized camp they are provided with a lot of food at all times. It will not be necessary to leave for food and drink.

“These guys are working. When they’re not working, they’re eating or sleeping,” Sly said. “You’d be surprised how many guys police themselves. They want sleep.”

PTI/Crown provides a streamlined service, they are proud of who they work for. They strive to become part of the community and leave on good terms without a footprint, Sly said. The police department is welcome to enter the camps at any time. Through many years of experience, PTI has figured the best ways to discourage drinking on the premises, they said. They want to deliver the men to work well fed and fully rested.

Sly apparently loves the mancamp business. “I could talk camps all day,” he said.

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