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Volume 4, Number 3 - April 15, 2004
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RHCD heads for budget talks

by Bill Boender

The Sublette County Rural Health Care Board met in regular session Monday, April 12, at the Sublette County Courthouse with all members present.

Dr. Darcy Turner presented a request for continuing medical education funding to the board, which will be reviewed and considered at coming budget sessions. Dr. David Burnett asked the board for approval to make a change in purchase of a piece of budgeted equipment which would result in a cost saving of some $12,000 for a chemical analyzer.

Board Member Bill Barney reported on the engineers' estimates for needed work on the Marbleton helipad. Costs will include $9,500 for engineering, $7,000 for job management and $22,000 for actual construction of the helipad and lighting equipment.

The board approved the cost of additional electrical work in order to install three new air conditioning units in the Marbleton Clinic, at which time Dr. Judy Boyle complained that air conditioning needs at the Pinedale Medical Clinic should receive equal attention. The board agreed to look into installing window units until plans for remodeling are in place.

Dave Racich of the administrator committee reported on progress to date and requested another 30 days to complete public meetings and put together a formal recommendation. A public meeting to gather input was held at Big Piney on April 6, but drew no participants. A second meeting was to be held in Pinedale on April, 13.

Wil Gay of the Pinedale Emergency Medical Service discussed several budget items with the board and advised them of a State of Wyoming grant in the amount of $5,000 that is available for agencies participating in mutual aid agreements with adjacent cities and counties in the event of major catastrophes. The agreement form proposed by the state will be forwarded to the board's attorney for review and approval before proceeding. Discussion was generally in favor of participating, but no agreement was reached on who would be the contact person or agency.

The feasibility study regarding new construction will be updated at a meeting to be held on Friday, April16, at the Pinedale Fire Hall with Davis Partners and the Sublette County Commissioners expected to attend.

All preliminary budget requests have been received and the first budget workshop is scheduled to be held April 20 at Big Piney at 7:30 p.m. The principal item of discussion will be the request for increased physician compensation. The board discussed possible ways to base change on maintenance cost increases or outside studies of similar costs. As usual, concern centered on lack of information regarding total income and profitability of clinic operations.

In other business, the board approved an increase of credit limit on credit cards to $3,000 each for both EMS services and for the administrative card. Governmental pool liability insurance renewal was approved and the time for regular meetings was changed to 7:30 pm, beginning with the next regular meeting scheduled for May 10.

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