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Volume 4, Number 23 - September 2, 2004
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Two grizzlies moved

by Cat Urbigkit

Two adult male grizzly bears were removed from the Upper Green River region within the last week, according to Mark Bruscino of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Bruscino said that after a calf was killed by a grizzly, a previously unmarked male grizzly was captured on Friday. In accordance with federal guidelines, Bruscino said, the bear was moved to a livestock-free area in the northern portion of the Yellowstone ecosystem.

Then on Tuesday, after another calf had been killed, another adult male grizzly was captured in the Raspberry Creek area.

Bruscino said the bear was originally captured in 2001 in Grand Teton National Park as a research bear. Since Tuesday's incident was reportedly the nine-year old male grizzly's first livestock depredation, it was also moved to an area free of livestock on the northern end of the ecosystem. That means it was moved to an area adjacent to Yellowstone National Park west of Cody.

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