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Volume 4, Number 2 - April 8, 2004
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Citizens concerned with safety at junction

by Rhonda Swain

A group of concerned Daniel residents recently created a petition regarding traffic conditions at the junction of highways 191 and 189. Monday afternoon, and after only a few days of having the petition at Stanley's Junction, located at the junction, 180 people had signed the document in support of a change.

Darrell Walker and Gene Lippincott met with Representative Monte Olsen to get his input, and they concluded that the best way to get action was to come up with a petition for people to sign.

"We came up with the idea of getting a petition and having people sign it to show some concern, and send it to WYDOT to show it's not just a couple of people who are concerned," Olsen said in an interview Tuesday. "It wouldn't bother me to have it changed to 50 miles per hour there."

Olsen voiced concern about the speed of vehicles coming from the north, off the hill, as well as the increase of traffic in the past several years.

"There is increased traffic up the Merna road ... and increased traffic into Daniel ... It would just be a safer situation in my mind," Olsen said.

After there are enough signatures, the petition will be sent to the Wyoming Department of Transportation's District 3 in Rock Springs.

In an interview Wednesday morning, Jim Montuoro, WYDOT District 3 traffic engineer in Rock Springs, said WYDOT would look at the problem area.

"We have studied it in the past," he said, "and felt it did not warrant a speed-limit change. But things change and with additional development like the RV park at Stanley's Junction, we'll take a look."

Montuoro said there is a left-turn lane northbound going to the Merna road, but that there is plenty of room for a left-turn lane southbound.

"We have talked about that recently and will probably do that the next time we overlay the lines," he said.

"A right-turn lane would be something that would need to be justified," Montuoro said. "I understand there's a little more action because of the oilfield activity and we can take that into consideration."

There is no time line for when the issue will be addressed, according to Montuoro. "It could be months in the future since I haven't seen the request yet," he said.

"It depends on how busy the studies people are ... I'm at the mercy of the studies people coming out of Cheyenne and I know they've got a full plate right now, but we'll get them in the queue," he said.


Whereas, a hazardous traffic condition exists on Highway 191, 11 miles west of Pinedale, Wyoming, in Sublette County, Wyoming, the undersigned hereby petition the Wyoming Department of Transportation to reduce the speed limit and provide signs to implement the reduction of the speed limit from the junction of highways 191 and 189 extending as far north of the intersection of highways 191 and 354, as required for safe travel through this area. We further petition that turn lanes be established at the intersection of highways 191 and 354 to provide safe access for north- and south-bound traffic.

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