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County planning & zoning applications approved

by Cat Urbigkit

Sublette County Planner Jocelyn Moore opened Tuesday afternoon discussion of planning and zoning issues by noting that the commission had one hour on its schedule to handle five issues that took the P&Z commission over four hours to discuss.

But the county commission plowed ahead, quickly taking care of most issues based on the P&Z recommendation, but spending more time on issues of particular concern to them.

The commission agreed to revert zoning back to agricultural on two properties zoned light industrial since there has been no significant development or plat filed for the properties.

The commission approved the final plat for the Fox Hollow residential development in the Ehman Lane area. Moore said that the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's recommendation that wildlife friendly fencing language was added to the plat. Moore also noted that a shared road- maintenance agreement with other subdivisions in the area is being finalized.

The commission approved the final plat for the Glacier Hills Subdivision, after being told that WG&F's text was added to the plat and that a road-maintenance agreement is being completed.

The commission reviewed the preliminary plat for the New Fork Complex Subdivision, which is located 11 miles south of Pinedale and south of Highway 191 on land owned by Bubba and Linda Larsen. This proposal creates seven, one-acre lots on eight acres of ground. Moore said, according to plans submitted to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, plans for the complex call for two, eight-unit apartment complexes, two storage-unit facilities and three office buildings. Moore said that the only information about potential plans for the complex are what she could interpret from the DEQ information, since no master plan was provided to the county. Regardless, wording on the plat indicates that site development will comply with the county development regulations.

Mark Eatinger of Rio Verde Engineering, engineer for the complex, said the uses are irrelevant, because: "If those are unacceptable, then the regulations need to be changed."

Commission Chairman Gordon Johnston said he was concerned that the county still doesn't know what the development is going to look like. Larsen said while he currently owns the property, the land will be sold, so the developer will develop the master plan.

The county P&Z commission did recommend approval of the complex. Because water in the complex is an issue, public or commercial laundry facilities are prohibited.

Cramer moved to accept the preliminary plat for the complex, and was seconded by Fear. The motion passed.

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