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Thoughts on Hi-Country's services
Part 1 of a two-part series prior to Hi-Country's Chinese New Year celebration/fundraiser
by Delsa Allen

Prior to Sublette County Hi-Country Senior Center's first annual fundraiser, set to take place Jan. 22, some of the seniors who take advantage of the services there spoke to the Sublette Examiner. They related how the organization has helped them, whether those services include providing a well-balanced meal; transportation to and from the center, or even the grocery store; the opportunity to go to Rock Springs or other places of interest; or providing social interaction. Last month alone, the center served 107 different people, not counting those whose meals were delivered to them.

The center also provides learning opportunities such as art and craft classes, services such as hearing and blood pressure tests, and entertaining activities.

Nancy Walters has been taking advantage of the services at Hi-Country for about six months now.

Hi-Country Director Diane Alexander could tell the first day Nancy came in for lunch that she wasn't feeling very good.

"She was so weak ... she didn't want to talk much," said Diane.

Nancy wasn't cooking for herself and wasn't getting the nutrition she needed.

"I feel so much better (now) because I'm eating right ... I would be in bad shape if it wasn't for this place," Nancy said with appreciation.

Nancy also takes advantage of other services that are provided such as the trips to Rock Springs every month. She is picked up by the center's transit driver, Shane Roberts, who brings her to lunch.

"He's wonderful," she said.

Long-time Pinedale resident Ruth Jensen has been a regular at the center for many years, coming in for lunch almost daily.

"I'd come Saturdays and Sundays if they were open," she said.

For Ruth it's a way "to get out of the house" and be around other people. "To me it's therapy ... I like being around people, always have," she said.

When asked where she thought she might be if it wasn't for the center, her reply was: "I'd be crazy, in the nut house."

She hates when the center closes extra days around holidays and such.

"The only other exercise I get is feeding the squirrels. I'm not one to sit still very long," she said, adding that, "It's too bad more people don't take advantage of this place. I sure like it."

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