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Volume 3, Number 37 - December 11, 2003
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Feds under investigation, but still on the job

by Cat Urbigkit

Two federal employees involved in drawing blood samples from a Sublette County cattle herd last week for brucellosis testing are now being investigated for their actions, according to a federal spokesman.

Jim Rogers of USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service public affairs office in Washington, D.C. said Wednesday morning that the blood samples were drawn on Dec. 2 from a Boulder-area cattle herd that is currently under quarantine.

"On Dec. 6 we were notified that two of our employees actions were questioned," Rogers said, noting that the employees were observed using the same needles and syringes on multiple animals.

"This was observed to have taken place on Dec. 2," Rogers said.

This action was not a standard operating procedure, Rogers said, adding "Nor do we consider it to be a sound veterinary practice."

As a result, the agency is investigating the incident to see "if disciplinary action is needed," Rogers said of the two employees.

When asked if the two employees were still working to draw blood samples in Sublette County, Rogers confirmed that they were, but only in connection with direct supervision by superiors.

"They have received a talking-to," Rogers said.

The reactor cattle in the Boulder herd are being retested, with supervision, Rogers said, with the samples going to a federal lab for confirmation.

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